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  1. Cheryl, there is no possibility to have someone hiring the machine in my shop. I do also need the space now, so alas, selling is the only option.
  2. Did I mention that the bobbin winder (seperate) is included too? And yes, it is sad, but I am glad I had the experience to work with the Millennium, and have to find a way to quilt different again, if my Millennium is sold... hope someone can take good care of her, and will have as much fun with it as I have. Sylvia
  3. Today I had to make a difficult decicion: I have decided to put my Millennium for sale! Not that I don't like to work with it - have been doing this for the past (almost) two years, but my shop/internetsite/orders are demanding more time, and I have less and less time to work on the Long Arm Millennium. ' So this is what I have to offer: APQS Millennium, machine came in my shop at the beginning of september 2006 (so the machine is less than 2 years old), 12 foot table, good maintanance, adding Circle Lord with some templates, metallic bobbins (0ver 100), pantograph patterns and a good amount of rulers. Since I have worked with the Millennium, I have been taking classes at the MQS, also maintenance, and have kept my machine in really good order. My shop/machine is in The Netherlands, Europe, so the Voltage is for European System. The Millennium goes with all the standard features - stitch regulator, power fabric advance with motor, lower thread cutter, laser guide. The Millennium is in excellent condition . The buyer is responsible for picking up or the delivery of the machine. If any of you are interested, please mail me at , Hope you quilters, that are interested, can give me a fair price for my machine. Asking price for machine and listed supplies: € 10.000, that is about $ 14,900 with the current dollar/euro conversion (August 13, 2008) Sylvia Kaptein (We are closed for vacation from August16 till August 31 2008).
  4. Hi Claudia, Again Congractulations form us here in De Rijp. It was wonderful to see you again in Kansas, and seeing you\'ve receiving the prizes! We will be there again next year, Elly Prins and I! It was a wonderful event, again, and we had a great time being there and meeting so much wonderful quilters. Hugs to you all we have met, Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode
  5. We are almost ready to go, that is Elly Prins and I. We probably will be the two only attenders from the Netherlands, Europe, like last year. Cannot wait to be back at the MQS. Taking a lot of classes, cannot wait till the shop frenzy... Hope to see you all! Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode On-Line
  6. Wonderful quilt, but how could you raise this one at your machine? My table is 12\' so it would be too large for my machine. Mostly big quilt arrive to be quilted, but this big, I should turn down... Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode
  7. Hi Teresa, Strange fact is that - you are right - the quilts seems allright on the floor, but I saw some waves already, the woman asked me to try it anyway, and I did. On top it was allright, but the further I\'ve quilted to the bottom of the quilt, the more the side borders and specially the bottom borders ( 3 stripes ) waves like crazy.... she didn\'t liked that she had to take it home again, was puffing all the way when she brought it back, but even if the borders were not entirely flat, it was much, much better.... she was glad that I didn\'t try to quilt it, because it would have given much puckers, and now it was \'allright\', so she is happy. I think she will be more careful in the future... thing is, that people don\'t want to buy a long piece of fabric for the borders, and so they use strips from the width of the fabric, which pulls a bit. They also just sew borders on, without checking if they are of the same lenght, after cutting the strips beck tot the size of the borders.... oh wel, a holy task for us to tell them...
  8. I think you\'ve got a point there: they sometimes measure the borders, but don\'t check if the quilt is square or rectangular! They assume that it is, but they don\'t really know that they have to check. It is different with tops I reveive, that are made years ago, sometimes people don\'t want to quilt and forget about the top, and then bring it here after so many years, but also new quilts that are brought have wavy borders. I do tell them that I cannot quilt it out, but they just say: do the best you can... don\'t people care anymore?
  9. Hi LAquilters, It seems a returning problem: wavy borders. The last couple of quilts were so bad, the borders so wavy, that I had to rip them out, one was send back to the quilter who cut about 10 inches of one border, and still it was a bit wavy. Do you have experiences with wavy borders too? And do you always quilt it away, or rip borders off the quilt and sew them back on so they lie flat with the permission of the quilter? Do you charge extra for this? Hope to hear from you gals, since this is a increasing problem with quilts I receive. I am thinking of having a page at my website, with instructions about adding borders to a quilt, should this help? Thanks, Sylvia Kaptein Syla-Mode
  10. With a very whimsical overall pattern.... Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode
  11. This is really great! Compliments! Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode
  12. Looks great to me! Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode
  13. Looks great! Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode
  14. Thank you Sue, I have ordered a Tension Gauge, see if this helps. Happy quilting, Tamara, you will come to see how wonderful quilting on a long arm machine is, allthough sometimes it drives you mad with tension problems etc. Sylvia
  15. Ok ladies, although I am not new to this, I have never heard of a Towa Gauge. What is this? Sylvia Kaptein Sylka-Mode