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  1. I've been using the Fil-Tec clear gides and love them!
  2. I just tried it. Finished 3 quilts and love it!
  3. It's still in the mid 90's in the desert. Can't imagine snow just yet!!
  4. Just a PS. Along with the name of the quilter I would also like to see if they did an all over design, panto, or custom quilting and what pattern was it if one was used. As a longarmer I have been looking at quilts with a different eye. I remember seeing this particular quilt and wondering what design was ued.
  5. Also----keep reading this forum. These ladies know a lot and that's where you'll pick up information to help you.
  6. I'm no expert but my advice to you would be to relax, play for a while and take advantage of the free lessons that came with your machine. There are all kinds of tricks and tweeks that you will learn as time passes but your best bet is someone else who has a machine, too. I was terrified of my Millie till I took some lessons---and I'm planning on taking more as they become available.
  7. I am so sorry to hear about Kathy. I took a class from her at Quilt Camp and thoroughly enjoyed it. Prayers to her family.
  8. I'm going!!! Will be there Thursday and maybe again Sunday depending on how much money I have left!!
  9. I figure about .05 per square inch plus the cost of fabric and batting.
  10. My cats think that each quilt was left for their personal use. Had I known what fun things would happen with them I'd have named them Dumb anf Dumber!!
  11. I always use Insulbright (sp?) when making any kind of hotpads. It's made for just that and is heat resistant. I usually also use a layer of cotton batting.
  12. Really cool pics. I, too, would like to ride in one of those some day!