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  1. Hi Linda. Nice to hear from you.  We would like to get close to Mathews, NC.  Do you know of any places to rent until we decide to buy.  We have a realtor, but i know quilter are picky about their own homes.  Any help would be wonderful.  Thank again. Zeke.  

    1. lindasewsit


      Hi Zeke!  Sorry I can't help you there!  Mathews is east of us on the other side of 485.  Don't know anything about that community!   Hope you can find something!!!   :)


    2. zeke


      Thank you.   We're working on it.  Zeke. 

  2. zeke

    Not sure which route we'll be taking, but I'll let you know if we come by you.   My earlier flying day had me doing flight training in Elko.   Fun times back then.  Zeke. 

    1. LisaC


      Fabulous, let me know if you are coming my way.. Elko has changed a lot in the last two decades.