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  1. Hey John.   Did that picture help you out for your documents.  I can send you more if you need.  Mines hooked up to an UI and runs just fine.  I have a friend of mine looking into a tower replacement though.  I’m afraid that one day it will just crapped out and not boot up.  Anyways, let me know if you need anymore information.  Zeke.  

  2. Well, thought I was going to have to scrap my CQ  last week.  Finally had time to get it all set up and when I turned it on, nothing.  Monitor went right to power down mode and no CQ.  Tried everything I could think of.  Even tried another computer.  Still nothing.  Then I tried a laptop and sha- bang.  Shut it down and rebooked up the CQ.  Success, back in business.  Now I have to re-train myself on the system. It's been a while since I've used the CQ.    I've been getting withdrawals as of late and now I'm ready to go again.  Now I'm going to have to find a computer whiz to make me a new tower as a back up. Zeke.  


  3. If it's the back sensor then it should point towards the back.  The front should point towards the front.   Zeke. 

    In some cases the axles are placed differently then other machines.  Mine are more towards the middle of the machine which allows me to do a 17 1/2" panto.  I also have a square tubing table which is a little more forgiving then the round.  The leveling bar is a tab bit adjustable where the round tuning table is not and I can also adjust the belly bars.  

  4. Cory.  The take up rollers are an inch and a half in diameter.  The 2"ers didn't come into play for a few more years later with the Millennium.  Anyways, the person buying your machine may have to spend a couple to a few hundred bucks for the take up.  Then they would have to spend about 50 bucks on canvas for the take up leaders.  Also, be careful that your machine doesn't fall off the table.  The inside take up prevents that from happening.  I sold mine about 8 years ago for $3000, but that was with the take ups as well.  It's your choice and now your machine, but how you going to demonstrate how it quilts without take ups.  I would suggest that you find yourself a machine shop that could help you out with the take ups. Zeke

  5. Wow, I didn't know that I needed CQ support.  And I'm not upgrading to the IQ just yet.  Maybe later, I don't know.  How did the humidity of the Carolinas go to support for the CQ.  Strange.  And I thought I was pretty damn good at figuring out most CQ,s, and IQ,s.  I once had a gal in California call me the CQ guru, because every time she had a problem I could fix it without much effort.  Still can.  Anyhoo, gotta go, me pillow is calling me.  Zeke.