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  1. I'd come but I'm in North Carolina and that would cost a lot and I would need a passport. Zeke.
  2. I would do some micro-stippling in the background and ditch the three towers of stips. Then I would quilt echoing feathers in the outside border. As for the inside border I would quilt a small little leaf pattern and the small squared triangles would be ditched as well. That will make it pop to the eye. But that's just me. Zeke.
  3. Lora, send in both. Then you'll have two new motors instead of just one. The other one will crap out eventually and you'll end up doing the same thing AGAIN. Zeke.
  4. I do believe that they are covered under warranty. Installations was quite simple. Just ask him to send instructions. Zeke.
  5. Call zoltan and see if you can get new motors. I bet that's the problem. Zeke. I've seen if happen twice. Call him.
  6. Hey jimmy. From what I can see it doesn't. There's no button in the front and not one up on top and it doesn't look like there's one on the left handle either. So, my assumption would be no. Just my observation. Zeke
  7. Been there and done that back in 94. Loads of fun. Then another in my neck in 96 and again in 97 in my back again. Yippee!!!! Zeke.
  8. Worked 7hours tonight and I'm feeling not too bad except my feet are a tad bit sore. 9pm to 4am. Time for some tea and a little snooze then off to see my wife to work. Happy to be better. Zeke.
  9. Heading back to work tonight and feeling much better. Still going to take it easy for the next few days. I don't want a relapse. Zeke
  10. Feeling better today. Sneezed a lot today. I guess my system is trying to expell this crud. I'm not so groggy and have been out today, but also had a little nap. Time to recharge. Zeke.
  11. It's 4am and I'm wide awake from sleeping during the day. Having tea. Still a little sleepy. At least my heads not pounding. Yikes. Hope I can rid of this by Monday night cause I have to go back to work. Maybe I'll just sweat it out through pure exercise. Zeke.
  12. Haven't tossed my cookies yet. Think it's just a cold. Zeke
  13. On warm and natural the backing side is always on the inside. I mean on the folded side. If you take it off the bolt or out of the package the backing side is going to be on the inside fold. If your careful you can actually pull back the scrim and see it. Hopefully this makes sense, because I'm sick and my head feels like it's going to pop. Zeke.
  14. I feel like crap. Oh my god. What is this that's going around. Stopped up nose, wore out, ached out joints, and completely tired. I feel like someone hit me over the head with a ball pean hammer. Zeke.
  15. I've done that once, once! As joe piscapoe would say. Once. That's all it took. Zeke.
  16. Now if we're talking about an IQ , then you should definitely check and see if you have yellow jacket MM wheels on your head. You can tell by looking at the bearing covers. If it has a yellow cover then you have un-lubed bears that need to be replaced. Another thing is if theses bears have been on the machine for a while then your motor might have gone bad as well. Since the bears are un-lubed it makes the motors work harder to move the machine around, thus making the motor go bad. Had a client have this happen. It may not be your case, but looking would be an easy fix. If you have the yellow jackets call APQS and get new one at no cost. They came from the factory that way by mistake. Zeke.
  17. I saw it. I was there and it was beautiful. Zeke.
  18. Ok, what are you trying to say to us? Zeke
  19. That's a deal. I picked one up about 9 months ago in Southern California for $1000. Now that was a deal, but only the machine and carriage. Zeke.
  20. KP. That was in the late 90's and into most of the 2000's. We also did craft shows and sold many quilts and that was in California. We're now in North Carolina and I'm thinking of picking up where we left off in California. I was what you would call a quilting mule. Sometimes I would do 7 quilts ina day. They weren't big, but they had to be done for a craft show. Zeke.
  21. Or you may have a bent bobbin in the case. Zeke
  22. Back in the day I was doing about 10 to 15 a week. That would be a mixture of custom and pants quilts. Zeke.