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  1. Well, here I am again. Thank god that I didn't send the machine. As of right now this person is tring very hard to sound like he didn't know what was going on. I've done this kind of selling before and I will not be fooled. I was told that this was a scam and I was hoping for the best. Now he telling me that the funds are there and the account is not closed. He says that the remaining funds for shipping are to sent to an address in Cotonou, Benin. Yeh right, fat chance of that. I'll keep you all posted............zeke:mad:
  2. Here's the scam that was played on me by a man named Morris Schmidt. His e-mail is morsch111@yahoo.com. He told me that he had to have my machine and only my machine for his friends wife. Said that he would pay my price of asking and also send extra for shipping. Said he had someone in the states that handled freight. He also lives in the U.K. After 4 months of waiting for a check it finally arrived. It's a B of A check that was closed out 1 hour before I got to the bank. So be careful. I'm sorry if the letter seems choppy. I'm a tad bit flustered right now. I had checked with the bank an hour earier and the account was still open. Imagine that. Take care everyone...........zeke.. If you want more info call me at 916-689-4992
  3. What do I do when I'm not quilting. We live on 81 acres and there is always something that I can find to do. There's playing with the dog or one of the 6 cats, or just going out for a walk. The walks are very nice and I always have at least one pet around to keep me company. Than there's moving the lawn or clearing brush for a burn pile,(Season permiting). How about me 3 trusty chain saws, I can always find a tree that needs cutting up. Oh!!!!!!!!! how about hunting season.......... Maybe I'm boring you about all these guy things when we aren't quilting, but then again QUILTING is our passion. No matter what you do, enjoy.....zeke........
  4. Hey Kids, I've had my UII since 1996. It's a wonderful machine. I've done many SID quilts on it and found that you need a extend-a-base. It just makes life easier and you won't so worked up afterwards. I also bought a smaller hand wheel from APQS. It tends to make it run smoother and also makes it run a tad bit faster on the top end. zeke..........
  5. sheri please send me a picture also. I also have an ultimate 2 and I'm very interested. zeke........
  6. I think that a ceiling outlet is the best. I've tried many ways of getting the juice to the machine and found that the ceiling is the best. Right now I have two outlets on the ceiling(for two machines) and it keeps me from tripping on the cord. I hate thoses cords on the ground. If you have to choose the ground route than you should make sure the cord is under a mat or some kind carpet/rug to keep you from doing a nose dive to the floor.
  7. Well, I can't say that I have ever named any of my 5 quilt machines that I have owned, but we have a white featherweight called "THE WORK HORSE". When I buy my next quilt machine I think I'll call it "HAPPY".
  8. Ihave a 2001 Gammill Optimum with a 14' table. I've had it for one year and it runs perfect. It has an Intellistitch install on it which has verticle lock and needle position. Alone with that comes a two position laser and needle up/dowm buttons. I have replaced all thread guides and it has a new hook and steel needle bar. It comes with 2 extra hook assemblies and 3 bobbin cases. I also have over 100 bobbins ( I got a good deal on them). A stand-alone bobbin winder, Edgerider wheels, Extend-a-base, Towa bobbin case tension gauge, low riding handles for close-up stippling and 3 extra hopping pressor feet are even included. I have altered the table a bit so the take-up roller are in the top position like a APQS & Nolting table. This make loading a quilt much easier and faster. I'm asking $12,500 for my little jem. I'm at countrypatchwork@amadorca.com. All pick-up and transportation costs will be paid for by the purchaser.