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  1. Hi Linda. Nice to hear from you.  We would like to get close to Mathews, NC.  Do you know of any places to rent until we decide to buy.  We have a realtor, but i know quilter are picky about their own homes.  Any help would be wonderful.  Thank again. Zeke.  

    1. lindasewsit


      Hi Zeke!  Sorry I can't help you there!  Mathews is east of us on the other side of 485.  Don't know anything about that community!   Hope you can find something!!!   :)


    2. zeke


      Thank you.   We're working on it.  Zeke. 

  2. Hopefully close to Mathews. Zeke.
  3. Use a steam canner instead of a water bath canner. Quicker and more effective. Less water. Pressure canning your product that doesn't require pressure canning can degrade your product and make it taste funny and make it mushy. You can get one on Amazon. Get one with a temp knob on it's top. Their about $50. This way your product will be processed at 212 instead of at 240 degrees. Remember to follow your direction the way the USDA has instructed you. Zeke.
  4. zeke

    Not sure which route we'll be taking, but I'll let you know if we come by you.   My earlier flying day had me doing flight training in Elko.   Fun times back then.  Zeke. 

    1. LisaC


      Fabulous, let me know if you are coming my way.. Elko has changed a lot in the last two decades.

  5. Hey kids. Nancy and I are moving out of California. We're going to be heading to Charlotte, NC. I won't be quilting right off, but will be available for service calls. This will happen around the 10th of January. Zeke.
  6. Well, looks like I'm going to have to get my volunteer hours for my MFP in another state to stay current for Amador County, ca. We're moving from California. Zeke.
  7. Lora, do yourself a favor and keep it. You ready don't have to remodel your kitchen if you have room in your garage. I've seen this in many a garage. You can even hook up a portable propane to it. This way you can turn the gas off when your not using it. It's just a thought to keep your mother beloved stove. Let "c" worry about the kitchen. It was willed to you and not her. Zeke.
  8. I had one for 14 years until I sold it to obtain a Millennium. I still miss that machine. Hands down the best machine I ever had. Zeke.
  9. For those of you interested in the master food preserver program, try going to the University of California Cooperative Extension to get more information. They're the leading resource for the canning and jarring and preserving for Californians. For the world as far as I can tell. Zeke.
  10. Corey, I'm in Amador county and took the class at a county office. You might want to try an agricultureal office close to you. They should be able to point you in the right direction. You also might try masterfoodpreserver(your county).com. Zeke. Good luck. You'll learn the right way to can and jar.
  11. Hi kids. After 2 months I finally graduated from my MFP class. Boy, talk about a lot of information. Quizzes,tests, and labs. What is MFP you ask? Master Food Preserver! I found out that there is a proper and SAFE way to preserve foods. My mother learnd from her mom and I found out mom was doing it wrong. Now I can teach her. What a grin on her face. Zeke
  12. Go to the for sale forum and post on it asking if anyone has an UII table that they would like to sell. You can also call APQS as well. Ask for Mark in sales. I'm sure he can help you out or point you in the right direction. Zeke.
  13. Totally excellent. Dave's the best. Zeke.
  14. I like warm and natural. Always have. Been using them since the beginning. Haven't done a double w&n in a long time, but she said it was too warn to sleep under. Ended up sending it to her sister in Alaska. Zeke.
  15. Sure. Just pin them back so the IQ does quilt over them. Do you have space for that?
  16. Use a zip drive and just transfer it over to the laptop. Make sure you transfer over a copy and not the original program. Zeke
  17. I finally bought a cover a few years ago. Doesn't cost much. Never had it get on my quilts because whatever oozed out allways got wiped off before and after quilting. Sorry to see this happen Mary Beth. Call and a cover for yours. Zeke.
  18. Hey Tangled. From all the times that i've had an e-mail or text on this type of issue, I've had the client change out the stop button circuit box. With the stop button always being used so much, it's also one of the first button to expire first. This button can be replaced your handy enough, but you'll have to have patients and steady hands or you can call APQS or Zoltan for an replacement circuit box if they have one. Zeke.
  19. Janet Saturday would be fine. Ann, my and yours are in the same boat. I get that once and a while too. Butch said it was a weird batch of computers. Go figure. Zeke.
  20. Handwheels? What are hand wheels for the lennie. Am I missing something. Have I gotten that old that I'm not in tune with what I do. Zeke or is it?!?!?!
  21. Janet. I couldn't e-mail you back for some reason. Give me a call. If you call me at 2pm your time, that should be good for me. Zeke.