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  1. Hi Rita. There the same in one. They will fix on yours too. Zeke
  2. Hi Jan. I'll see if I can get some photos. She's located in Murphy's, California. Zeke
  3. Hey kids. Anyone looking for a sturdy 12' Handy Quilter frame,(table). It's in wonderful condition. She doesn't like standing up to quilt and would rather use her sit down table instead. I'm at ztrbrg@yahoo.com if your interested. She would like to get $900 for it, but any reasonable offer will be considered. Thanks a bunch. Zeke.
  4. Your selling yourself short on that one unless you just want to give rid of it. Even though it's an UII, it's still worth more then $1000. Still a longarm and quite the machine they are. Zeke
  5. I'm running around my yard with my bar-b-q fork, where are you. Are behind this tree, nope. How about the rosemary bush, nope. You must be far away. I can't reach you. Zeke
  6. Since the clear view is polycarbonate, it will not create static currents. So no need for the fly wheel cover. I'm still keeping my eye on it just in case. You never know what could occur. Different materials attract different properties. We shall see! Zeke
  7. I had this made the other day. Kind of makes quilting a little more exiting. The place that did it couldn't cut all the holes. So I used a drill press to do the others. Pretty cool, right. Zeke.
  8. Or maybe I should say clear view. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey Sheila give me a call. Zeke. 916-689-4992.
  10. Yes Sheri I am. I have two left and I also have two right sides. Talk about see through. Wow!!! Zeke.
  11. Jan, it's on the little black box on top of the machine. The one with the red stop button. The machine movement knob is in the center. Zeke.
  12. This was one I had made for a Gammill PDQ. I have two more for a APQS longarm. Let me know if you want one. They're $25 plus s/h. Which is about $3 to $4 bucks. Zeke. Make your oily life much better.
  13. Hey Lem. What you need is a clear view. Check it out. Zeke.
  14. Hey Jan. Sounds like an interesting problem. Haven't heard of this one yet. I would check the path of your cord coming off the machine. Does your machine move smoothly across the table when unhooked from the CQ. That's where I would check first. If it worked fine for two quilts, then something sporadic is happening. You can also check your machine movement knob as well to make sure it hasn't come loose. Zeke.
  15. I pin. I guess I'm old fashion. Just haven't go the hang of floating except on small quilts. Zeke.
  16. Tangled. You should take the side of the tower off every 6 months and clean it out. It's what I do because I'm in the garage. It will take you about an hour and keep you from being completely scared and frazzled. Zeke.
  17. You can always go to the hardware store and get zinc screws of the same size and length. Remember, they only need to be snug and not stretch Armstrong tight. Zeke.
  18. Qtshop. What price range are we talking about here. Where are you located and do you want in a machine. Zeke.
  19. zeke

    Die hard CQ fans

    Mary Beth. Some of the CD's can be had for about $3000. The only drawback is that some parts are hard to find. IQ is said to have had parts if needed. But only a few. $3000 is a lot better then $14000. Right now I have about $10000 in programs for mine. I won't give mine up. Zeke.
  20. zeke

    Die hard CQ fans

    Oh yea. We rock. Zeke.