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  1. Hi Rita, I am still doing well. I was excited that Joe's Quilt of many Colors brought $1000 in the auction for our church. A friend of my daughter's bought the quilt. He said that my husband and his dad (who had also passed away) had worked together or something and that he wanted to do something for us. There was a lot of support for the items that we donated in the silent auction. It was impressive. At our Saturday evening mass, my husband was also honored by the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. Joe had been a member, and as his widow, I was given a chalice to present to our priest. Fr. Maurice, of the Basilian order, is being transferred back to Canada to return to teaching. Our parish was the first that he had served as the parish priest. This was his last weekend as our pastor. During Joe's stay in the hospital, he came by to see and pray with him. He was amazing and quite a support for my family and me. When I learned that I would receive the chalice to present to someone, I asked that it be ready before Fr. Maurice left because I wanted to give it to him. Any time Father uses this chalice at mass, Joe will be remembered at the mass as well. Joe always wanted to go to Alaska, so I asked Fr. Maurice because he would be closer, to take the chalice to Alaska, and say a mass there so that Joe would finally get a chance to be in Alaska. When Joe was a teenager, he and a buddy were leaving to go to Alaska to work, but my father-in-law who was a police captain in the Odessa, Texas, stopped him and asked him to stay home instead and not run away. I hope all of this was not against the forum rules, but I did want to share my happiness about all that occurred this weekend. Thanks, Lillie
  2. This computer finishes before I do. Anyway, this same cousin has asked me to complete the pillow shams for her now. At least they shouldn't take as long as the original quilt.
  3. Your quilting is beautiful! I did one similar to that one a few years ago, but I did the quilting by hand. It was so beautiful, just as yours is. In fact th
  4. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and expressions of sympathy. I did continue working on my yellow brick road quilt for Joe, and it is finished. I did change the name of the quilt to St. Joe's Quilt of Many Colors. I have attached pictures. I just wish I had used a different color for my quilting. It's another quilting sampler, but because it doesn't show up very well, I could have just SID the whole thing and saved many hours of quilting. Oh, well, George and I did get a workout on this project. I am glad it is complete. I hope you all enjoy the pictures any way. Thanks for looking. Lillie
  5. Hi, you all. It is with sadness that I have missed being on the forum for the last couple of months. My dear husband of 45 years, Joe, had been plagued with COPD and congestive heart failure for the last few years. He transitioned into the heavenly kingdom on August 21st. He was in the hospital for three weeks prior to that. I am not sure what this change will do to my little quilting business. I quilted because I loved it, and because it allowed me to be in my studio and then in a back bedroom close by if he needed me. Having George in my studio has challenged me to learn new things about quilting. I have a yellow brick road quilt in process. I hope to have it completed by the first part of October for our annual church bazaar. It's a very colorful, happy quilt. I used a very colorful, very busy, fat quarter collection. (I don't remember the name of it, I think it was from Moda.) I plan on calling it Joe's Yellow Brick Road. It will be put up for auction. Over the past few months, I feel like I have made friends on these forums and wanted to share my sorrow. Lillie Spillars
  6. My daughter has the Brother PE 770 also. She calls it her little brother. She also has the Singer Futura. She had some contact with the Singer people when she first got her machine, but she does very well on it. It wasn't as costly as some of the other machines, and with the software she purchased for the machine, she is able to do quite a bit. I think HSN handles these machines. She and I do small embroidery projects. I have a Bernina 730 and a Bernetta (embroidery only). My machines and software were pricey.
  7. My prayers are with you. Congratulations on the weight loss.
  8. I don't know what yorkshire pudding is, but they look great. I know you have been busy. Enjoy yourself and don't work too hard. Remember to have fun!! It beats the heck out of stress!!
  9. The quilting is lovely. I hope I can eventually get my feathers and curlicues similar to yours. I will just keep practicing and reading and watching all I can to learn more ways of quilting. I do have a question as to how you put the thumbnail pictures on. I have a new quilt I wanted to share but my pics are over 3.65 of whatever units they use. I used my digital camera for these. I put them on flickr, but now I don't know how to put them on here. I think the last pictures I posted were done using my cell phone, and they worked. I may have to do that again. Is there a particular program you use to resize?
  10. Was there something wrong with this?!! I must have missed it!! Looks good to me!!
  11. Beautiful quilt and quilting!!