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  1. Looking for a good used George in the $4000 range. Live in Iowa, willing to work out a delivery. Contact, Thank you Sharon
  2. OOps, didn't see that George had sold....good for you! Sharon
  3. Sandy: Might be interested, please e-mail me at: I recently sold my Lenni due to health issues and am looking for a sit-down machine. I live just south of Des Moines, Iowa. Thank you Sharon
  4. Bump...I just spent a day doing an inventory. Didn't know I had so much stuff. I have over 50 pantographs and 75 spools of thread, at least 50 bobbins, needles,and much misc. Overhead lights too. This system is ready to start a business or just for your pleasure.. I will include Hartley micro drive handles and bobbin winder.
  5. I have used this machine in my business for 6 years and it has given me excellent stitches. The machine was just in the shop for general maintenance in June 2014. Please call to arrange viewing or to ask any questions. 641-414-2141 (Iowa); Pickup only, no shipping or delivery. We are south of Des Moines, Iowa about 50 miles. Selling Price: $6800 Includes: Machine with stitch regulator and laser lights for pantographs. Wooden table 12' with steel frame Extension table for ruler work Hartley Fence for cross-hatching and circle work Also will have batting, thread, pantographs and books for sale separately. Thank you for looking.
  6. Santa gave me one two years ago and it has saved my feet and legs! I have RA and it has been such a relief to quilt for longer periods time without the stress on bones, etc. I use it from the front and learned to do pantos with it too, just have to stop and move a few times. Enjoy it. Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharon
  7. You will grow to love her more and more....I would rather piece on my FW than my expensive Pfaff. THe FW is soooo quiet and the stitch is perfect every time. I always get oooohs and ahhhhhs when she goes with me to classes and retreats. Enjoy! Sharon
  8. Thank you Kimmy for your informative and precise article on updating canvas leaders without replacing them. I believe this article was in the recent issue of "On Track" (but I could be wrong, I got two magazines the same day). Anyway, after reading the article I looked at my 3-year old canvas leaders and yes they were way out of shape. I followed Kimmy's instructions and presto I have perfect leaders again! Great article that I'm going to clip and save! I loved her joke about not asking the DH to help to avoid an argument - kind of like wallpapering together - an argument always develops! Been there -- Done that! Sharon
  9. A quilter is always thinking about the ones she loves and how to help them. This is awesome and a blessing! Prayers your way.... Sharon
  10. I would definitely do a panto - like Waterworld which is swirly or anything that gives some good movement for dimension. Very pretty, someone loves scrappy quilts. Sharon
  11. Love the fall too, I'm only quilting after dark, too soon the snow will be flying here in Iowa and then we can't get out. I have one lone hummingbird that is still coming to the feeder, he needs to get heading south soon! We've had two hard frosts already. Every night after work I walk to our pond twice for exercise and the evenings this week have been just absolutely perfect! Can we bottle this for January? Enjoy everyone. Sharon
  12. Had one like this a few months ago...I put really fluffy batting in it and I just did a loose panto and I was truly amazed how much the batting soaked up the extra fabric. My DH was even amazed. Good luck with this one! Sharon
  13. Well, just met with the customer and she is fine with it - whew! Worried about nothing!!! She wouldn't even take a discount off the quilting, said it wasn't my fault, she chose the dark thread.....BUT I did learn a valuable lesson about dark thread on light fabric especially on the backing - I'll never try it again!!! Sharon
  14. Depends on how much customer wants you to do and to pay~!. A beautiful panto or overall would work too and be less expensive for the customer. I'm becomming more of a fan of this route because in the end most customers just want it done and the pantos out there are really beautiful and so easy. Pantos are definitely my business bread and butter! Sharon