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  1. Unfortunately, you can't escape this situation with Quilt Path. I'm not exactly sure who makes what but Grace Company makes and supports some parts of Quilt Path. I believe at a minimum they create the software for QP. We've been passed from APQS to Grace a few different times. There isn't any "finger pointing" as you sometimes get with different vendors but it has still been a struggle and APQS isn't the single throat to choke for QP, so to speak.
  2. Follow up - We worked with Grace Company and they were finally able to diagnose the issue as bad firmware on the motors. They upgraded the motor firmware and the X/Y Motor mismatch error we were consistently getting went away. At the same time as updating the firmware, they installed the latest (at the time) software on our tablet. We were going through some designing and noticed that the "optimize" button (the one that removes the jump stitches between pattern repeats) was missing. It just flat out wasn't there. Again with an e-mail to APQS and a local APQS sales person. No word from APQS but the sales person was able to confirm that they were indeed seeing the button on their older version and that we should call Grace Company. Called Wednesday first thing in the morning and didn't receive a call back from Grace until Friday after hours. *Sigh*. Finally got up with them today and "Oh yea, you don't have the latest software on your tablet. Why is the optimize button missing? Guess someone forgot to put it in this build." *double sigh* So we got the latest software ( and the optimize button is back and we believe we're in working order. I guess the moral of the story is this: 1. Quilt Path on the software side (firmware, tablet software) has some serious quality assurance issues. I'm not sure I blame APQS for that but they don't seem to be very close with what Grace is doing on the software side. Missing "Optimize" button doesn't happen when you're doing a good job in QA. 2. Grace support is not what we need it to be nor expect it to be for the money. We've had a couple calls with unfriendly and unhelpful folks there. Waiting 3 days for a call back isn't acceptable either. 3. In the end, the product seems to be decent. I wouldn't dissuade anyone from buying but we would have appreciated knowing that we're still on the bleeding edge with this product and it may be a couple months before things end up working. Thanks, Justin
  3. Thanks for the responses Karen and Judy! Yes, we're experiencing what we believe to be hardware issues. Been working with Dawn (who has been great to work with!). She also got us in touch with someone from Grace who remotely logged in to our system. They noticed immediately that our QP was shipped with a beta version of the software. Be on the lookout for that! However, they were not able to fix the problem remotely. Our entire QP was replaced, piece by piece. We were getting "Your frame is not configured with matching motors and will not work" errors. Basically, QP couldn't communicate properly with either the x motor or y motor. Once about 1/2 the whole system was replaced, we stopped getting the x motor error. Now that everything else has been replaced, we thought we stopped getting the y motor error. However, we just saw the y motor error again today. Today is our first chance testing extensively after the final replacement of parts. Cutting power to entire system and restarting it all has cleared the errors for now. However, needless to say, we're pretty skeptical that our system is healthy. We'll continue testing. I am interested in hearing from Judi how one gets the QP software to load onto your laptop? Thanks, Justin
  4. Hi folks, Just doing a sanity check here. I've searched google but can't find any real hits. Is anyone having technical issues (connectivity, error messages, quality issues) with their Quilt Path? We've had nothing but trouble since receiving ours. We're basically on our second whole set of hardware and have yet to be able to stitch out a pattern completely. APQS and Dawn have been very responsive and helpful but we're at the point where we're wondering if this product is ready for prime time. Anyone else seeing issues? Thanks! --Justin
  5. Mary Beth, Is that little thread guide that clips onto the front terribly important? We bought a T&S on ebay that came with the special bobbin cover, plate, etc but it didn't have that thread guide. It looks fairly unimportant to me but we have yet to have time to mess with the machine to set it up yet. Should I order one? Any ideas where to get that special piece? Thanks, Justin www.patchworkmemories.com
  6. Just a quick follow-up after using the machine now for a few weeks. We are definitely used to the beep and appreciate the audible feedback. We never did get around to dampening the sound and probably won't. Thanks again for the suggestions. --Justin
  7. Thanks folks for the replies. I think we'll take the consensus advice and try to deal with it for now. I agree...once the machine is in motion, you can't hear it and you certainly don't want to be messing with the bobbin when its beeping! It doesn't bother me as much as it does my wife so we'll see how it goes. I like the idea of muting the sound somewhat with the electrical tape. It reminds me of wrapping duct tape over our kid's toys' speakers. Thanks, Justin P.S. Thanks Cheryl for the website compliment. The biz is my wife's (Julianne) but I am the tech guy and possible future longarmer if she needs a hand. The website was really my one time making a decent looking site after many ugly sites in my past.
  8. Hi all, My wife just bought a millenium and I'm the designated maintenance/techie for the machine. Is it possible to stop the incessant beeping when the stitch regulator is active? As soon as we hit the green button on the left stick, the yellow light blinks and it beeps constantly until we turn off the SR. I'm tempted to open the head and disable the beeper. I would think a few beeps and then blinking yellow light would be sufficient. Thanks, Justin