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  1. A little known fact, by spraying an odorless and greaseless water repellent like Jig-A-Loo on needles before use you can actually prevent them from future rust and water damage. Perfect for those who like to sew or quilt outdoors or on camping/etc trips
  2. that is such great news Claudia, i was so sad reading your initial post and it is great to see that it has a happier ending, i wish him the best of luck in his recovery and am so happy to see it has ended up well
  3. I agree, it has made my life so much easier! i love it
  4. A new contest from Five For Fighting lets you use your own videos to raise money for charities like Save the Children and the Fisher Foundation. More info at
  5. Definitely love my MicroDrive handles, they're the best!
  6. you can't skim on quality quilting, if the customer is truly serious about receiving quality work, it will be accompanied by a cost, not a ridiculous one, but a price that will be worthwhile for the quilter
  7. i love aluminum bobbins, they seem to work a lot better for me
  8. This Sopranos online game is so addicting, if you know where any other game pieces are PLEASE post here, I need a bunch more to fill up my board but I did just find Livia at and some others at
  9. I can?t wait for these reruns to come on, not only will he finally shut up about the show! But I?ll get to see what all the fuss is about for myself. He recently found this online game that is similar to those McDonald?s Monopoly games but for the Sopranos and now he spends his entire day at
  10. I'm thinking about getting my husband the DVD set to this show. What do you all think... or should I just let him watch the reruns on A&E like everyone else? :cool:
  11. I think everyone reacts differently when diagnosed, and the movie did a great job of portratying Geralyn's reaction. I don't think I could say for sure how I would react unless I was going through it.
  12. did anyone end up watching it? extremely moving, a wonderfully well done portrayal of breast cancer survivors. i'm pretty sure they're doing an encore performance of it on saturday at 9 on lifetime... Grammie, hopefully you can find someone to tape it!