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  1. did you quilt the fabaric before you colored it? I love it.
  2. How many of you are doing this quilt. I can\'t wait to see the final pictures.
  3. do you have ton have a stitch regulator on your machine to use this?
  4. I am ging to replace mine too , I have a 12 foot table and I thought I would go with 10.5 or 11 ft. since you can not quilt exactly from the far right and up to the far left. so I am going to go as far as my machine will go. I am wondering where I can abuy Emery filings for pin cushions. if any one knows will they please let me know. email... mezerajd@centurytel.net
  5. What do you mean by a full float? Also , do you measure the quilt before or after you quilt it? Thanks Jean
  6. I use the roll of paper that the printing shops have left over. They sell a roll real cheap. You will get a roll less than $5. just go toyour local newspaper shopper or call them i use it for all my patterns. It is not white it is a cream color but that does not matter.
  7. Good Luck!! Miracle Worker!!!!! Can\'t wait to see the pictures
  8. go to google or Ask and type in baseball panto patterns you might get lots.s
  9. I am also a newbe and I find this chat room very helpful and friendly. I don\'t see anything wrong with asking about anything. If they don\'t want you to know they will not tell you. Even if we all try to do the same thing it will comeo ut differently. We all have our own style. Again Welcome.
  10. Probably 50 % of the quilts I get are done poorley. I can not do a panto on most of them so I just meandor. Puffy batting seems to accent the bubbles. They just keep making them so I guess they like them. I do put in a letter if their borders are wavy, so they know how to put on corrrect borders.
  11. Are these quilting machiens Gammil? I would love to have a hopper foot like they have. I did buy one but it still is larger than that.
  12. What kind of batting do you use? Do you only do pantograph? how do you advertise on ebay?
  13. WOW! this is terrific!!! How long did it take you to do that?
  14. what is all the colored thread on the back ? Did you have a nesty problem?
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