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  1. She didn't ask any questions. She just said it would not work on an Ultimate 1. It is on a metal table with 4 rollers. I know the Circle Lord will fit as I've talked to Michael about it. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. Since they are not going to sell them any more, I'll need to decide between the topper and the CL.
  2. Linda emailed me and said the quiltazoid doesn't fit my Ultimate 1. I'm very disappointed.
  3. I have this kit. I love how you quilted it. Makes me shiver with the cold wind.
  4. I hope you will try to post the photo again as we can't see it. I'm still debating over a Quiltazoid or a Circle Lord. I'd love to see what you did.
  5. I would like to buy the Spiro Thingy and the 7 treasures of Budda. Janet Kopecky I have Pay Pal. Is that how you want payment?
  6. I couldn't email your address came up invalid. Not sure why? Ahh, success. I will email you.
  7. Are you the only owner the machine has had? How large of a quilt can you quilt on a 12 ft table? I would like to schedule a time to try it out, if possible.
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