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  1. Barb, Thank you for filling me in on the details. I do remember back a few months ago reading about some animals that were "mangled" in some sort of attack. Now it is all starting to come together. Sort of a swap meet by mail. lol You all have so much fun and I enjoy the good times. Hello to Lynda Rech!!! Let us know what you get in that box. Chuck
  2. The trouble with being a guy in this chat room is that you have to appear stupid once in awhile. So, I love the animals floating around the country in a box and all of the great pictures of their activity. Please give me a hint what this is all about. I think it is simply fantastic that with all of the negative stuff in the world that you can laugh and have fun with UPS and a box of what ever it is you gals are shipping around. Thanks for the fun you bring in to the world. Chuckster
  3. Anne Bright has a book out, Simply Continuous Friends. In that book you will find "Crayon Scrbbles" that I think would be perfect for your quilt. She does a meander with loops and a very good replication of a crayon. Depending on how creative you are you can buy the book and copy and make a panto or you can free motion this. There is a boarder and crayon box pattern also in the book. I took quick pics of two pages. Sorry for the poor photography.. Chuckster
  4. I had a funny noise develop in my Millie last week. It was a strange rattling noise. I took the cover off of the motor and found that the tie block that holds the cable to the IR plug on the top back side of the machine and come loose. The connector in the cable was hitting the side of the machine causing the rattling noise. I took a piece of Gorila tape and taped the cable to the motor. The noise is gone and Millie is humming again. I hope this helps. Chuck
  5. And they say men will not stop and ask for directions. Well, I did after I made the trip. lol Thank you for all of your great ideas and suggestions. I will be saving all of this good information for future projects. The Chuckster
  6. Thanks Barb! I missed this post. I will be out looking for some lights for the side of my Millie. Chuck
  7. Hey Linda! I have an overhead light bar with lights that I can rotate. I turn them up to the reflect off the ceiling but I never did turn them off. I can see where the right light from the side could help. I will try this. It was good to see you again last week. I hope to be able to come up to your place for a visit and learn a few more of your tricks. I some times feel like I am reinventing the wheel. Take care and thank you for your suggestion. Chuck
  8. Heidi and Shana, Thank you for the ideas. I used chalk on the front but it would get lost in the gold. So much going on in the top material. Shana, I actually thought about quilting from the back side and did not go there. The part that I missed was your great idea of SID to set the "fences" and then turn the quilt. GREAT IDEA! Using stencils on the back would have been very easy with this twist. I should have posted the question before I started the project. I had this sitting around for a very long time as the owner was not in a hurry to get it back. The next time I have one of these I am going to attempt to follow your suggestions. I will let you know how it turns out. Thank you again, Chuck
  9. I attached photos of a wall hanging I just finished to generate some discussion of how to mark very busy and high contrast quilt tops. I made several attempts and making templates and using chaulk pencils, pounch bags and never really came up with anything that helped with this quilt. In the end I started quilting free motion and used chaulk to set "fences". I really just winged this but would like to be able to get results that are more symmetrical. I am looking for ideas short of CQ as some of the posts of CQ work just leave me in the dust. I appreciate the technical and artistic talent of this work. I really enjoy being one with Millie and doing hands on quilting. So please bring on your ideas. Chuck
  10. Linda R. Just give your customer an invoice with the cost of the quilting at the market price. Then discount it to the price you originally quoted. Call the discount "Artistic Licence" Not To Be Expected On Future Quilts. Your quilting is outstanding as always. I love the free flow and motion presented in the borders. Chuck
  11. OK, I have not posted in a very long time. So, here is my 2 cents worth. Janes Fabric Patch on the South end of Tillamook. More fabric in one little house than any of the "big" stores in the Portland area. Jane is the ownere and very nice to talk with. The quilt shop in Port Townsend has closed. If you want to stay at a very nice B&B on the water in Port Townsend I recommend the Commander's Beach House. Very romantic and beautiful views from the front porch. Jim and Gail Oldroyd are two of the nicest people you will ever want to meet. Have a great safe trip through the Northwest Chuck Portland Have a very safe and wonderful visit to the Northwest.
  12. Caron, Very beautiful work. Impresive symmetry from feather to feather. My patron for this quilt wanted "swirly and fun" on the boarders. She always likes "swirly and fun", puts the pressure on me for ideas. I started having so much fun doing these that they sort of grew on me, got bigger and bigger. lol They are fun to do. How about the rest of you? Show us your feathers!!! lol
  13. Patti Jo I just do not know how you can get any work done with those beautiful windows in your studio. I would be gazing outside all of the time. You have a wonderful studio. I always knew it would be that way with your "Hollywood" style. lol Great job with the studio design. I would like to come down and see it for myself and chat with you. Take care.
  14. I have not jumped in for a long time. I have to on this one just to see if anyone feels the same as I do about the "plastic" for the panto table. I took my "plastic" cover that came with the Milli off of the machine about a month after I got the machine. I never like the glare/second laser dot on the surface of the plastic. I put a patch of Scotch tape on the panto in serveral places where I want to hold it down. Then I use painters blue masking tape to hold the panto down. The Scotch tape protects the panto. To line up the panto I set my edge distance at one end with tape. Then I lock the travel on the sewing head with the laser on an alignment line or center cross. Then move the head to the opposite side of the panto and set it with a piece of tape. As I float all of my tops using the sewing head to align the top my tops and pantos are alway matched. I have one more little quirky thing. I took the cap off of the lazer and put a small piece of masking tape inside the cap and cover the hole. Then I use a pin and put a very small hole in the tape. This makes a much smaller lazer dot on the panto. If you do this and still use the plastic cover it will really reduce the glare from the lazer. What ever makes life easy. Happy quilting.
  15. Now that is what I call inspirational quilting. I like all of the detail from the extended circles to the little swirl in the hearts. Great design and quilting.