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  1. that was great!!! I shared it with my family Julia
  2. OOOOHHHHHHHHHH I can't wait to see that when done. Are you going to put in MQS?
  3. Shannon - I like the look of your blog. Judy - nice suggestion on the what do you want to accomplish question. I think I would like to do a better job showing and sharing my work. For blogging, i would view it as an electronic art journal. Julia.
  4. I actually do live in the 21st century, I use a computer and cell phone and wondering whether or not to jump into facebook or a blog. Pros? Cons? what do you like or dislike about either/both? Julia
  5. Very Cool. I love when kids draw and do things. THey are so uninhibited by the self critique! Tell her Well done and keep it up. Julia
  6. 8:31 am in Kansas. It has to be the right time somewhere to have a glass of WINNNNEEEEEEE. We are boy scout camping this weekend. So no wine or other adult malt type beverages until Sunday night dinner. Wish us good weather! Sunny days - cool (not cold) evenings Julia
  7. you can also leave a longer tail, make a knot and bury your thread. good luck Julia
  8. Holly - our thoughts are prayers are with you Julia
  9. Rita - don't worry and take comfort that the group will need and use that raffle money. I have done treasurer duties for my guild and my sons Cub Scout packs. When you look at what we are able to do for the boys with such a small budget, you would be amazed. We are so thankful to parents and people like you who donate their time ( and love they put in it), as you folks truly help make our different organizations go. You are very blessed for helping them out. Julia
  10. Wow. I can't believe I got it all done. It wasn't the weekend I had planned, but as Lynn said, yes I think it was time to reassess all that was going on. UPS says thread is in Lenexa so I can start my lovely feathers tonight. Ta DAAAAAAAAAAA Thanks everyone - You held to make the weekend fun. Julia
  11. YEAH - you are awesome. What a wonderful finished job. I would have never thought it could turn out so beautiful. You worked magic to getting everything tucked in. Well done! Julia
  12. I met Shana for the first time 2 years ago at MQS. It was such a pleasure to get to see her again last year. For real work, nearly 95% of my work is done with out of town people on the phone or computer. I love to put names with faces. It makes our time on the phone so much more enjoyable.
  13. Oh thank you for calling me YOUNG. 42 1/2. 2 boys - youngest 11 and oldest has an attitude this am - he'll be 14 in 4 weeks. Rob and I will be married 16 years next Friday. He is my rock and love of my life. We're mean parents and actually have the boys help to do a lot around the house. Kind of funny, we have chores split up by days and weeks. they each have an odd or even day. On their day they do the dishes and the other has to set and clear the table as well as pick up all the stuff that accumulated thru the afternoon. On weekends I have their initial on the calendar and the
  14. ooohhhhhh love greek food. We have a couple good places in the kc area. I TOLD YOU GUYS I WAS MANIC WITH MY TO DO LISTS hahahahahahahahah
  15. fun looking - well to go and i bet they will love it
  16. Okay - I have gotten a bit done today and added more to my list done- finish hard week at work done - have a glass of (nope one wine) Martini YES done - Hot tub relaxation done - another glass of wine done - wash jeep done - change out soft top to hard top for winter done - Highway clean up with boy scouts done - Shopped for new ground pad and zero degree sleeping bag for DS sort out costumes for Order of Arrow ceremony for next week's camporee camp out In Process - start dry wall project in basement - home depot will
  17. Oh thank you!!! You are probalby right ( as my husband usually is - but shhhh don't say it too loudly). I am just manic with my "schedule" and when it gets off kilter, I go nuts. God must really be telling me to slow down. What is really funny is our proram at work also knocked out overnight, so we won't have it working until this afternoon. So much for those folks that waited until today for their quarter close work. ready to have a 2 hours martini lunch and just let it all go!
  18. More Proof that long arm quilter's put love into every quilt. Shana - you are a truly wonderful person. Julia
  19. Those ladies are bendable and talented!!! Tell her great job. Julia
  20. rrrrrrrr I am so frustrated with my Thread Company this week. I placed an order on MONDAY morning (Before 10am), paid for 3 day UPS. They are usually so good about sending the UPS tracking number that day. I always order on Monday so I have all weekend to finish my projects. I had sent a couple of other questions and realized on Wednesday they never sent the tracking number. I sent them a note and they didn't put in the mail until WEDNESDAY afternoon. Can you believe that???? Now instead of receiving yesterday or today, I will not get until Monday. My whole weekend schedule is screwe
  21. don't do it. Find a different alternative. You could use an escrow person to hold the cash until the sale is complete. Most escrow companies would charge a small fee. You could use a lawyer or bank. check into it good luck
  22. i traded services once and got burned. I won't do it again