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  1. well the good thing I started is that if it goes out, and doesn't sell, then most gets packed up onSunday and to GW. decluter yeah
  2. I know I know, I am a glutton for punishment, but it would be nice to get rid of a few more things!!! Still when a suitcase is 3.00 and they want a break, what you want it for free? commmonnnnnnn!!!! Any one in KC, I have some quilt fabric and patterns for sale Stamps, punches & Stickers too!!!! 5409 W 132nd Terrace OP KS 133& Nall. Follow the signs Today and tomorrow 8-4pm
  3. I purchased the puzzel pieces at lowes a couple of years ago. I have both the colored pieces and some gray. You can arrange in a pleasing manner. Then if you still need more create a 2nd layer. ALWAYS wear comfortable tennis shoes with good support. Don't quilt in bear feet. If you are doing small fine work, lower your table and sit on a seat. Eventually I want to look into a saddle chair. I can just see me sliding around!
  4. LOVE IT. Sent them to my girlfriends and thinking of new quilt challenges as we speak!!!!!!
  5. neato! loved the double enrendre. can't wait to see the next challenge
  6. kerry - i love how you took the panel and made it sing. way to go
  7. they were all appliqued on. My favorites on this quilt were grover and oscar. I just loved the fabric for Oscar's eye brows. My favorite character is animal. Sean didn't like him so we never made him. I guess i'll need to wait for another baby to show up. hee hee hee
  9. Silly me - i did a couple of quilts over the holiday and sent out 2 gifts without taking pictures. i did have this picture on my iPhone. My darling boys are holding it. Jeremy is on the left and Sean is on the right. The quilt is for my neice that gave birth to a lovely baby boy this November. Sean actually helped to make all the quilt blocks. We were doing this together for a couple of rainy days, and too much time passed. He informed me that he is too old for Sesame Street now and that we should give it to the baby. My BABIES are growing up!!!!! sniff, sniff tear tear
  10. I wouldn't publish her name on the site. You wouldn't want to get trashed for bashing her. Other things you can do: If eBay, you can notify them as a bad seller in addition to the poor rating If you have her local information, you can turn into BBB Better Business Bureau, or local police. As the lady said above, sometimes it goes deeper than one order. You can send a demand letter to her residence / address and threaten legal action (small claims court). You would have to file in her jurisdiction and also appear in court to receive judgememt. BE PROFESSIONAL and good luck! Jul
  11. Julia's word is CR@P. it is a word that is not a happy word in the house. It is also really bad when the 10 & 13 year old parrot you. ohhhhhh mooooomnmmmmmmmm, Or when you are working with scouts. OOOOOHHHH SHHHHHHHUGAR yes - the 14 year olds laugh a lot Julia
  12. OMG you knitted that???? geez you are talented. -julia
  13. Heidi - love to send them to new york for a couple of days. They are going bonkers in the last days of vacation. Actually I am going to take them hiking this afternoon if my new GPS gets here soon enough. We are going to go geocashing. You use the GPS coordinates and go search for "treasure". Actually a burried or hiddent box with stuff in it. All about the hunt and running the energy out of the boyz and the dogz. julia
  14. my rockin boyz helped me take everything down and packed it away. Now all that is left is my DH to cart it all to the basement!!! Do my boyz rock or what? Do you have specific "chores" during the holiday?? Something that you always do or con someone into doing? Rob does the cart it here and there and I do the decorating!! Wahooo!!! I'm done. Happy New Year!!!!
  15. I wish I had the translations = that was a hoot. And the girl screaming. aahhhhhhhh Aehhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhh
  16. Hold Your Head High and Proud. It is lovely!!!! Julia
  17. I have a standard clock on the wall and listen to CD's to keep time. Because I charge a flat rate per sq inch, I make myself break and move around and get water every 90 minutes. this gives my feet and back a rest and then i can go kiss my hubby -Julia
  18. The GRINCH. I didn't even need to think about it. Both the original, with Boris K and the new one. Jim Carey is great. Nightmare before Christmas. all the claymation I grew up with frosty the snow man rudolf the red nose raindeer Ready Santa!
  19. i took a fitting class from Cynthia Guffey (sp?) a couple of years ago. Best thing I ever did. a couple of the things she suggested was to have some one measure you. You can look at sites on how to do it correctly. Then you pad the dress form to mimic all the spots on your body. I use shoulder pads and Batting. I simply pin it on the dress form in all the areas I need to. Looks very odd, but I get some of the best fitting clothes every if I do it every time. Also ladies, most standard commercial patterns don't have the shoulders and arm holes correctly for broader people. i usually
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