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  1. i usually do different ones unless I need to do a quick present for someone. then go to the tried and true. MaryBeth, what are you doing up and posting at 5am? do you sleep? julia
  2. Well, last week i bought a couple of place mats, napkins and really cute napkin holders for my good friend for Christmas. I didn't get around to wrapping everything until day (dinner is tonight) and i am missing one of the napkin rings. First thought is I didn't pay for it (what an idiot)! Second thought is the maids moved things around. (easy - just need to do treasure hunt). Nope - it must have never made it into the bad. So i gathered my receipts and a sample and went back to the store fully expecting i would need to pay for another (if they even had more left). Nope! the nice l
  3. OHHHHH YUMMMMMMMMMMMM When do we come over to get some? Julia
  4. tee heee teee heee my husband cooks dinner and shops for groceries now.
  5. I have a 14 ft and love it. Although we did have to get it into the basement via a 4x3 window. It'll Fit! Trust Me
  6. God seems to bring the right people at the right time to put life the universe, everything into perspective. Great story. I can't wait until you post the pics julia
  7. i love the vibrant yellows and blues. way cool
  8. Sue - did you take the plunge and make some rolls? If not and you do in the future, you can feel free to call or email and I can walk you thru it. Julia:D
  9. My oldest son will be ringing for is Troop. They do a lot of community service (eagle projects to cleaning up a stretch of highway 2 times a year). Scouting is our number one charity organization right now. Our troop is very blessed so we work with several special needs troops to ensure that they have camping activities and other great fun thru the year. Rob is Den leaders for my younger son. Rob is a great leader for these kids. It was cute when we moved to the midwest, it took the moms a while to warm up to him, as he is the at home parent and I work. After 7 years, he is den dude,
  10. thanks everyone. I do use the silicon. It really helps to keep things moving. i'll have to check the product you suggest above. thanks! My Hubby teases me that I have that "being right disease". So when you have a quilt that talks back that much during the making, it is nice to hang it on the wall as a trophy (hee heee - a 12pointer, hee hee).After 8 years of quilting I do a much better job at learning from my creative oppotunities! This is one I feel pretty good about. It is a learning experience and a self motivator to push through it and finisish it. Turkey was fantastic. Reltat
  11. Turkey is in the roaster so I pulled out the camera to take pictures. I bought this kit at IMQA in 2007(?). The pattern was in a Fons and Porter mag. I loved all the batiks. I spent the greater part of the summer 2007 putting the squares together. By thanksgiving 2007, I had it on the Beast in the Basement. Why is it called Evil? If anything could go wrong it did. Thread breakage, needles breaking, tension issues. RRRR. I got so frustrated for awhile, I took it off and folded it up for almost 9 months. I did finish it this summer and put it in our local guild show. It is hangi
  12. I can just see the purse swinging in slow motion as it impacts the side of his face. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Thud.
  13. Vovo's Rolls (Vovo was my Grandmother) STEP 1 ½ pound butter 1 tsp salt 2 cups sugar Melt together, melt butter then add salt and sugar Then add in and mix 2 cups of warm water Set on stove covered for awhile. Let cool but not get cold. STEP 2 – Mix the Yeast/Sugar 1 cup of warm water and put in at least a 2 cup measuring cup container Sprinkle little bit of sugar and add 3 packages of yeast to the mixture Put aside and allow to rise where it is not drafty. If it doesn’t rise (double the size in an hour) the yeast is bad and start over. MUST be left at least an hour
  14. wow - They will really be proud of the finished quilt. An heirloom. Great job
  15. I have been happily and luckily employed by Ernst & Young, LLP for the last 11.5 years. I am the tax supervisor for our Midwest subarea. 16 folks report up to me, the other half report to my partner in crime on the audit side. Finance is an internal finance group to the Firm. we work with the partners and client serving teams to help them manage the planning, profitability, economics, collections, you name it. This lets the teams free up their time to work on client realted products. We are also the "police" to the firm and ensuring that all the partners are abiding by policy, etc
  16. This past year at real work has been so tyring and exhausting all at once. Our firm had asked our whole department to "invest" in ourselves. On line classes, soft skill training classes you name it we did it. They paid for it all, but it was a huge committment in time and energy, especially since i have 16 people that report up to me. Helping to keep them on track, let me just say wow. So to make a long year seem short, everyone had taken their final tests october 15- november 14. I PASSED IN THE 90% GROUP!!!!!! Not only that, but all of our people who took this year seriously passe
  17. Dough is coming along really well. On my third punch down. My mom did a great job in helping me figure out what you can prep and cook ahead of time. Honestly, with over 15 years of me prepping holiday meals from 4 people up to 30, it is a piece of cake now. Okay the FUNNY thing this year is that it is just the 4 of us and most of the recipes are for 12-16. I guess I am going to freeze some! I told Rob we're not shopping for anything but Wine until next week.
  18. My grandma, Vovo used to make rolls and bread for all family get togethers. This is the first year in about 4 that we are home (and I am on vacation from real work) so I am taking the plunge! The dough recipe is very easy, just seems like a lot of waiting while the darn thing rises (over and over again). I hope it goes well so i can keep the tradition going. My mom is in California, so we had to do the recipe by phone. She was great with all of her directions. Also this thanksgiving we are making our favorite stuffing, Shana's frozen turkey, and my Hubby is making his creme brulee. I
  19. i am so thankful for my boyz. My 2 sons, Jeremy & Sean, and my wonderful husband. Without their constant help and support, we would never get anywhere. Much love to them and putting up with me.
  20. your picture is wonderful. You may not need a new camerea, only a new lense or filter. A UV filter will take out a lot of the haze and truly clean up the sunset/ sunrise (even some smog) from the photo. The are not expensive. Another great thing about a filter, is that it protects your main lense from scratches, etc. Much easier to replace a filter than a 250 lense. I don't advocate any size / brand but here is a google search on filters, etc http://www.camerafilters.com/pages/uv.aspx almost turkey day
  21. For a domestic machine, you really don't want to use the compressor. The LA has closed / welded areas that there is no were for the dust to go. Quite the opposite for the domestic. Instead, my fix it guy recommends a vaccumn and the mini attachments. After I have done a lot of piecing, pull out the bobbin case and suck everything out. Save the compressor for the LA. good luck
  22. The first time I bought a little Husky at Home Depot. It lastd about a year, before it died and I re-upped. This summer, I went and purchased a two chambor compressor. It is large, but it sits in the corner out of the way with a long hose on it. We used it to finish off the basement stairs and other neat things. I also use the nossel to blow off any dust off the top of the quilts before I start. love it!