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  1. work with it and see what works for the quilt. See what the client wants and cares about. If a big thing is matchy matchy - then use the same front and back. If that doesn't matter, have fun and WHO CARES!!!!!
  2. Lynn Zeh had a great article in the IMQA news letter mag that just went out. You may want to check that out. email me if you can't find it and I will scan it and send to you.
  3. Mary Beth = you can get a little on Utube. There are great short clips and many different things. Get inspired with out the Moola. I'm heading to Eudora this morning with a Friend to check out their Quilt show. They are at the Eudora Middle School, 2635 Church, Eudora KS see ya, Julia
  4. I have had a eliso since last year and love it. That is what is in my studio and then I have my Rowenta in the bedroom. Just make sure you don't leave it face down :)P
  5. Okay- slap me up side my head. We used to live out in CA near San Francisco. SO . . . I am thinking Drag Queens. You know, we just don't have that out in Kansas. . . Ru Paul. Go get em girl. . . or get our the crescent wrench and adjust like the fine ladies said above. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. Sheep out in the rain. Ha! Made my week. Thanks Marybeth!
  7. Magnets bad. i remember one of my old friend from the Apple days going out on a house call for the computer. He asked the lady for the disks that came in the box. She said "oh! Just let me get them off the fridge." He left and sent the bill. That was one of the funniest stories i heard beside the disk drive being a coffee cup holder. hee hee i have a bucket at one end of the macine. It is pretty full. The thing with vaccum cleaners, is that use the hose. If you use the normal suck up, you will eventuall burn up the motor. have fun!!!
  8. Just have fun. let the curves flow thru you young snowden. it is like riding a bicycle. it will come back to you. Youjust have your balance off. Keep the faith girlfriend
  9. My little neice is pregant too. just recieved the picture of baby Hallmark (yes that is their last name). I love the lady bugs. great picutres!!!
  10. I teamed up with a friend from guild. She pieced 4 tops for a nice lady up at Leavonworth. Each of their 4 girls picked out their fabrics pattern etc and karen sewed the tops. The greens are from the Dad\'s cammo\'s. very sweet. He deplolys in September. so everyone pray for the family http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=9fixzhjx.1a1kygxt&x=1&y=-jib47q&localeid=en_US
  11. I just finished this last week for a client. Her son is graduating from Grad school. He was in the Peace Corp and collected t shirts from all over. He married an African lady, so the mom also included Ashanti (sp) symbols on the back. She did this with a dye discharge method. We used highlites purple thread front and back. It blended in well with all of the traditional african frabics that the mom used (she purchased on a trip over to visit her son. We used Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting. Quilted very nice but it produces a bit too much lint for my tastes (and nose!). The pattern
  12. Shana - i guess it may bee to late to stuff that DD. Theresa = so how did you get the cat to sit there? Duct Tape?? It has sooo many uses
  13. love the purple nice and straight piano keys in the border
  14. we are in S overland Park just 3 miles south of the convention center. It was so hot and muggy today. took the kids to the pool, perfect summer weather. Forecast looks like it will be a bumpy night! Hang on Mary Beth! Julia
  15. I have been so nuts since getting back to work that I forgot to say It was so great to meet you! I have a 4 day weekend and can\'t wait to try out all my new techniques Julia!
  16. Snubbing aside, your work is your work. I agree with Karen that She felt her pieced tops were great and probably inspired her to want her own machine (yadda Yadda - been there ) But in know who quilted what and give them credit. Be nice but Firm. Besides . . . cosmic karma . . . if she is decietful, it will come around sometime. You just may not be there to watch the show. good luck!!!!:cool:
  17. ohhh I want one too. I did one years ago the old fashioned way. I use all japanese prints and one ribbons at my guild. time for a new jacket!