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  1. I took a bunch of my practice pieces and cut them into 12x12 squares and the put them toghether with those o ring clamps. I also write on the fabric ( I practice on plain colors usually with bright thread) the pattern and the size. This really helps them to see what it actually looks like. In addition I have my photo full color portfolio. If you do a better sample, you can always pull the old icky ones out and replace. Another thing that is very helpful to clients is my white board. You can sketch a design really quick to develop ideas. Good Luck
  2. I have 2 studies too. Upstairs (with the only girl approved potty in the house) is a neat bicycle yellow from Bear at Home depot, very cheerful and easy to fet inspired. Downstairs is in the basement with the Millie. Tha is yellow and white walls. I don\'t have a finished basement (ohh i wish), but when I do get it done, I want lots of light and very brite colors there too!
  3. I\'ve had a lot of problems with masterpiece. I thought it was just me. I gave up and only am using it up in the bobbin. yuck!
  4. Now I am finally registered!!! I just can\'t wait
  5. Okay - I am a dork. they only take International regetration by FAX doh! must wait until midnight
  6. YEAHHHHHHH I actually got registered for classes already. 3 days of total fun. OOOOO I'can't wait
  7. I agree with Bonnie. I have their quilt. If they don\'t pay me, i will keep their quilt. I take pictures of all my quilting jobs and keep with work orders. So I figure if I ever have a check bounce, off to small claims i will go.
  8. Statistically speaking more woemn than men are afraid of setting realistic prices or even raising lagging ones. Not keeping up is one of the leading causes for women to lag behind as wage earners. Many women when asked say that they are afraid that if they tell a customer their rates go up, that they will loose the customer. What women fail to realize more than men, is that your relationship with your customer is based more on their comfort and trust of you and your service than the amount of your service. Customers are relatioships not just price points. My DH and I just had a co
  9. see - it really helped to vent. My DH was so great last night when I told him. He knows I have a minimum (to cover my cost & time). She wasn\'t a quilter. I think she took it to a seamstress first to get it sewn together. You guys are great!
  10. WOW doesn\'t do it justice! I love the extra movement the curves create on the surface of the bargello. Amaxing
  11. That is just lovely. Brings smiles to my face for a frustrated morning.
  12. Got a call from a nice lady last night. She wants a baby quilt done and turned around (baby born 3 weeks ago) & needs me sew the binding on too. I was very good and asked all the right questions so i could give her a ball park estimate. I think she had a minor stroke when I told her the esitmate. I have a minimum price for size, and then any hand work I do is at a premium. geez!! SHe said she needed to talk to her husband. I don't think she'll call back - but doesn't she really think people do this for free???? Okay I am better now!
  13. Help I know there was anothersie that people loved besides eBay to sell quilts. I have a friend that is needing it and can't remember the name. Way Gray moments! If you can remember, let me know?
  14. I have to confess - I love the PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) accronym so much that I used it with my guild. Thanks for sharing the joy and the vision!!! Jules
  15. I tell my folks that if I don't have what they need I will buy it for them. That way I can grow my stash slowly and have a better idea what people like. Jules
  16. More questions on the standalone winder. I have trouble where the thread pops out of the tension guide. If I am not paying attention when this happens, it is a sorry mess. When it is misbehaving, i have to monitor and even hold the thread in place. UGH!!!! Any ideas? Jules
  17. OMG - there would be nothing worse that having someone pass thier work off as yours. In my opinion it does amount to "stealing" I would smile and say that you are looking forward to seeing her quilts in the "pieced by entrant, quilted by someone else" category. If she comes back and says she is entering in other categories as well I would point out that wouldn't be following the rules. I know of one LA in our area that has on her contract for quilting that all entries into quilt shows should state "xyz" about her and her company name. Do not be embarrassed about doing the right thing.
  18. Many Many Blessings. You know . . . When ever a baby is born ~ so are grandparents!
  19. She should still be requested to pay something. Our guild LA's charge from 10-25 per charity quilt
  20. Actually good news on the scissors front. I fly a ton with my day job and take hand applique with me everywhere. You CAN NOT bring pointy tip scissors, but you can bring rounded tip scissors (like for little kids). Just go get yourself a nice new pair and stash in your sewing kit. I also bring along a needle threader / cutter combo (you can buy a pack at walmart for cheap) and have that in my case too. That way if some TSA guy (or the gals are the worst) gets a bug up there butt, they can thru the scissors away and I still have something to cut my thread. Also if you are packing a sew
  21. You are toooooo funny. Next i'll have to figure out a way to get you my guacamole recipe. Not for the feight at heart. I like it muey spicy with lots of garlic and lime.
  22. Okay for all you cool ladies who love your cosmo's. You need to try my Greek Heiress. Make your cosmo like normal and add a splash of ouzo (licorice liquor). Adds a little spice - adds a little kick - and voila! Yummy!