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  1. Well I have finally taken pictures of my first quilts from my Milli. I have completed 3 showable quilts. Enjoy
  2. Gossip is Gossip. Having had a relationship go very far south with my mother and sister due to evil gossip, I would recommend that you do not get involved. I am sure they already know what your are going to say. Inevitably, it will come back to you that you were "eavesdropping" or what ever other evil speak someone says about you. I can't fix someone elses behaviour as much as you would like to try. God bless and don't let the "mean and thoughtless" people get you down. jmd
  3. Hi there - Starlight Quilters is in Kansas City http://www.geocities.com/starlightquilters/ We meet on the 4th Tuesday. We have an open format and do lots of laughing an razzing. Quilt show is in October at the Shawnee Indian Mission. So many talented quilters. I have been here since i moved from california in 2002.
  4. WoW just doesn't do it justice. I can now aspire to greatness!!!
  5. Out guild in KC is great. Most member participate freely and we get a lot of input on classes and lectures, etc. About 2-3 years ago, I put out a call to see if any one was interested in a mini group. We also now meet 1x a month. It is great to see your friends 2x a month. At first we rotated houses. We had some one help organize the dates and then send out directions and reminders. Now we meet at a local shop. And we have standardized our date to the 2nd tuesday (if you can come - come). There are only 5-6 of us. The conversation is lively and someone still brings treats!
  6. Doing something fun should not hurt. If you don't have a hydrolic lift, before you send the time (and energy) to get the height right on your table, take some large books or phone books and put a shelf or sturdy board across them to make a standing platform. This will let you try out a few heights to see what is optimal. Good luck!
  7. OKAY - John and Mary helped set it up yesterday and it purrrrssssss. My feet were so tired I finally had to go to bed. Yeah - I am so happy now:cool:
  8. I finally did it and bought a millinium. It is sitting in my garage and it doesn't get set up until tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited i can't stand it. I have been lurking on the site for some time now and just am so pleased with everything. Can't wait to tell you how it goes after I have been quilting away for a few hours.