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  1. My friend got one when she retired this last year and she LOVES it. I have an older Ellure and i love it. quiet and dependable. I still love my bernina the best though.
  2. unfortunately the Bernina dealers within a 3 state area here in southern illinois have proven to be woefully lacking!
  3. Thanks Lucy I appreciate your input! I thought they quit making the 730 It really would my my choice. I was seriously considering having my brother or my friend pick me up a machine in Europe That would have been a disaster!! I dont think your on a soapbox, i take it as a fellow quilter speaking out to me, before i screw up
  4. Wow THANKS! I have a 440 QE and like it but lots of little issues. The service has been pitiful. When the screw casings in the cover turned out to be broken they glued it back together. How something like this could be broken i don't know. I am going to check to see if it is swissmade when i get home. I was looking at the 780 but i think after reading your inputs i will wait. It was a little too much anyway. For that price i could sell my 2009 Millie and upgrade hmmmmmm! I really appreciate you gals. Have a blessed Easter
  5. I have a 440 and have been wanting to upgrade. I have been told the machines are significantly cheaper in Europe. Is this true?
  6. You guys are wonderful. THANK YOU!!!! Dean tells me we will look for a little miata convertible. I drove a Triumph for years not too dependible and too fast! Back then i could talk my way out of a ticket, doubt i could now, haha. Thank you again friends!
  7. Funny Thank you!! We actually have 3 gravedigger clients can't wait to share this!
  8. My beautiful Black and Chrome 1100 Tourer just left on the back of a trailer. I knew i needed to sell it but .....I am broken hearted. I had this bad habit of riding waaay to fast 80-90MPH and my reflexes just arent what they used to be. I have grand kids that need me. Her plate is sitting here on my desk it says QUILT1. Darn i loved that bike!
  9. i missed the disagreement and posted what did i miss. I checked my messages today and thought i was answering a message with a message didnt realize it made a post. SORRY I love all you guys!
  10. I am always interested in everyones opinions. I was raised that in America you are allowed to have and state your opinions. I was also taught to respect the right of others to have opinions that differ from mine!( even when i think they are whackos ) One of the blessings of being raised by immigrants that were EXTREMELY proud to have become American citizens. I have always found you to be a very bright and giving person. I am sorry you were treated this way.
  11. Wow what's up as usual I missed something
  13. Ok Heidi stated my U-2 is full but i can't find it to check it
  14. I would really like to send a card could anybody email me the address?
  15. I purchased the 144" quick zip system and never sewed it on. It is still in original package. I am asking $45.00 plus actual shipping. It came from The Quilting Connection in Wisconsin. Just too chicken to actually sew it on.
  16. I purchased the 144" quick zip system and never sewed it on. It is still in original package. I am asking $45.00 plus actual shipping. It came from The Quilting Connection in Wisconsin.
  17. We use kurunda beds they are fabulous. Ease to maintain practically indestructable. And they offer discounts to shelters. I might have spelled that wrong!
  18. I am sure you remember little Izzy. Since her successful brain surgery she has to have scans every so many months. Last scan looked fine ( $2700.00 after insurance for this young family) ) This last week she has been in hospital with a fever. She kept complaining that her leg hurt. xray shows a hairline fracture in her femur with some type of growth on top of it. The doctors think it is another cancer. Please pray for her and her family, again. I will let you know what the tests show. Thank you
  19. WoW i did not know. PARIS?!! Definitely better than PaducahPlease email me the address. Thank you again for the beautiful suprise you sent!
  20. My computer shut our business down from some type of virus. The computer guys had it for 2 days and then we had to reload everything. I pretty much only check out the forum and fabric sites. the guru bill was almost 3000.00 then all the down time. That's why i havent been posting. It was unpleasant here to say the least. Hopefully the new site will be better, I am not allowed to be here though:(
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