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  1. Thank you Jim - I'm much obliged! Warmest regards Amanda
  2. Thank you all for this amazing help and advice - I'm on to it now!! Many thanks Amanda
  3. Hi there - The tiny screw that secures the machine needle will no longer tighten - it just turns and turns, This has happened before and I replaced the screw and it solved the problem. I am now waiting for a new screw to arrive. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? It's strange that it has happened twice now (and frustrating!) - I'm just wondering if its the actual metal threads inside the hole that the screw goes into that may be damaged and not the actual screw its self? Any advice welcome! Amanda
  4. Well Ladies, Thank you all for your comments - all greatly heeded and passed on to my customer - perhaps she will decide to switch the backing! Warmest regards Amanda
  5. Hi there - I'm after some advice for this particular dilemma: My client has a very deep purple batik backing and a mostly white quilt top. Any advice on which battings would work best to obscure any purple darkness showing through causing the front side to dull down? Thank you in advance your ideas would be greatly appreciated! Amanda
  6. Hi there - just to update - Angie at APQS sent me some files and I was able to fix the problem! - The motor inside had dislodged by barely 1/16th of an inch and this was causing the motor shaft to rub on the metal, surpassing the rubber grommet. FIXED! I am so pleased today - now I can go quilt!!
  7. Thank you Heidi! I'll go do that now. Warm regards Amanda
  8. Hi there - Looking for some assistance today - unfortunately my turbo big bobbin winder fell off the counter whilst I was tidying up and landed on a carpeted floor, (about 2 feet) When I now try to operate it there is an alarming grinding, grating noise - I've only switched it on for a few seconds as there is definitely something alarming going on inside. I have unplugged from the power and pulled off the two plastic ends from the winder. Nothing appears loose or rattling - just a sprinkling of fine metal filings - Is my bobbin winder repairable - can I save it???? Feeling very sad,
  9. Thank you folks - I'll have a look at the screws etc. Amanda x
  10. Hi there! - I am hoping someone can comment or advise - for some time I've experienced a 'rattle' or a vibration that sounds as if it could be coming from the upper rear part of my Millie. Before I take off the top hood to investigate I was wondering if this is a common symptom of the motor brushes requiring replacement? I've never replaced brushes before so would welcome any advice re what might be causing this vibrating noise. Warm regards Amanda
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