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  1. Hi Dawn, Absolutely love the photos of your quilts on the Road to California website! You are truly an accomplished quilter. At the Oceanside seminar today, I was surprised that after 1 1/2 hours we were still covering basics, ie. this is what a pantograph looks like. I was also surprised at the location, a tacky roadside motel out in the middle of nowhere. We were in bumper to bumper traffic for hours just trying to get there. The informational packet we were provided with consisted almost entirely of marketing literature from other companies. Another disappointment. I've read ALOT of heartbreaking stories in this chat room about things gone wrong so I had ALOT of questions to ask APQS corporate and unfortunately, they took offense, rather than providing any meaningful answers in response to my concerns. I didn't feel I was able to develop a level of trust and confidence with APQS after this experience. I think I will be going with a local Gammil dealer because I know when I need support or help, friendly, supportive people will be available, and right next door to provide the answers. I don't know about Gammil corporate, but this dealer was someone I could trust. They understood my concerns and they were there with the answers and no one felt threatened. In fact, they were thrilled to work with a customer that had done so much homework because they want to make sure when they sell a machine, they'll be satisifed for the long term with no unknown surprises. Well, its been lovely chatting. This will be my last post in the forum. I've been sitting in for almost a year now, met a lot of nice people, learned from their heartbreaks, and became a better quilter. I wish the best of luck to everyone here on the forum.
  2. Patty, I just saw that Dawn Cavanaugh will be offering 4-5 classes that you can still register for at the Road to California website (Jan. 2008) if you really want to come learn more and visit California for a little fun. There is a fabulous demonstration class on feathers, and freehand background fillers that look really nice. All demo classes, no hands on, but I'm wondering if we could video tape the class for future reference, or at least take photos?? Dawn, you are the zen master of quilting! The quilt photos on the Road website are just leaving me feeling very inspired at the moment. Makes me want to hurry up and make a quilt with lots of white background space for practicing.
  3. Wow, guess what I just found?! I was looking through the class list for Road to California 2008 and found an instructor that looked interesting, followed the link to her site, took a peek in her quilt gallery and found a quilt she made interpreting the aurora bourealis in fabric: http://www.jennybowker.com/antarctica.htm
  4. Has anyone ever been to Heather Bailey's website and fallen in love with the photography? Or what about all those quilts that show up in magazines that look picture postcard perfect?! Somehow the shutter bug bit me after seeing enough of these incredible photographs that I couldn't stand it anymore, I just had to figure out how they do it, so I took a photography class at a local community college and learned so much that I finished up thinking, wow, I've got so much more to learn! While Google searching, I found this interesting website serendipitously, which to my delight, offers great advice on how to prepare a photograph of your quilt if you are preparing it for submission into a quilt show called : "Shoot that Quilt: Digital Photography for Textile Artists." It is so very difficult to get the light and angle just right on a flat object but these people had so much terrific advice, it went way beyond anything I learned in my class. It was very nice of them to post it for free! I did not realize that in competition a photograph could make or break your chances of being selected. Here is the link: http://www.hollyknott.com/stq/index.htm (Also: http://www.heatherbailey.typepad.com/)
  5. Oh, my heart is melting, seeing precious mom and dad...I remember those days...what a magical time for your family. I can see how much this little quilt brightened up a mother's heart, that is soooooo sweet!!!!!!!
  6. Bette, been there and done that! My most recent stinker, I bought the Clover needle threader for hand piecing and it stopped working after a month. Nifty gadget until it stopped working (and I lost the receipt!) Personal Favorite: My natural daylight bulbs. They were only $20 each and popped right into the lamps I already owned, alot cheaper than buying an Ott-Lite and wow, what a pleasure seeing the color in true full spectrum lighting while I quilt. Things that work but ended up being replaced by products I found that I felt did a much better job which I'm happy to say goodbye to are: Golden Threads quilting paper, King Tut thread, quilting pounce powder, and any monofilament thread except if its made by YLI.
  7. Me too! Beautiful! I've never seen Willow Leaf Designs before, thanks for sharing!
  8. Diane Gaudynski calls them "headbands" without the scalloped edges. I love your paisley Caron, it looks great.
  9. Marty, Your husband is a genius, I didn't want to incorporate because of the sales tax requirement on a startup business in California either, but, not being married to an accountant I wasn't aware of that option. Thanks so much for sharing, its really helpful to know.
  10. I'm laughing so hard reading these posts! I got a little busy at work and missed out on all the fun! Anchorage sounds a little like Southern California with the mountains and ocean, but minus the snow, you might like to visit one time. If you and DH come by, you can drive down the coastline and drink those cosmos over the cliffs at the Palos Verdes Yacht Club - it comes a little close to Alaska. My dad's friend just sent a photo of a sunset in the North Pole (I don't know if its really and truly the North Pole but the message mentioned it was) so I'll post it here for everyone to see:
  11. Thanks Myrna, that price is a heck of a lot less than the price for the cabinet with hydraulic lift, it seems pretty reasonable to me when you're talking about being about to quilt without backpain for those who need it. Thanks again for letting me know.
  12. I see a ribbon in my crystal ball! Its fantastic! I love the way the quilting with the colored threads makes it look like the design is part of the fabric, its too incredible. I've never seen anything like it.
  13. Is this the quilt: http://www.fatquartershop.com/store/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?sid=90072311335900&Store_id=499&page_id=23&Item_ID=11495
  14. Linda, I feel for you so much, hang in there girl, I've had a tender lower back on and off for a long time since I moved to our last house and lifted one too many heavy boxes. My doc said exercise would help the most, anything to strengthen your back muscles. I also had to get the best chairs for back support or buy those little things from the office supply store for back support for driving, at the office etc. You might also get some help by placing a board under your mattress to keep it firmer. Myrna, you are the most amazing quilter and made quilting look effortless, absolutely effortless on the Millenium. I felt like I had an aerobics instructor or personal trainer right next to me! I was wondering, maybe other people are too, what would we be in for on cost for the lift if you can mention it on the post. I didn't know there even was such a thing, although I've seen a sewing machine cabinet/table thing with a hydraulic lift that looked fabulous. As it is, for any dsm quilters on the forum, at the moment, I am using an architects chair which has a longer range for adjustment so depending on what I'm doing, it gives me lots of options for getting comfortable or seeing better, etc. I'm sure everyone knows this already, but I also bought one of those plastic pipes for sprinkling systems (PVC?) that I used to give my cutting table stilts so I never have to bend down to much which really helps on back pain alot.
  15. Hi Mary Beth, I was stumped with the same question after I made my first applique quilt. I finally found a book that provides alot of pictures of traditional antique quilts with close up photos so you can see what strategies were used to quilt in and around the applique. According to this book, from a historical perspective, quilters quilted right through the applique all the time. The book is called Choosing Quilting Designs from the Rodale series. I also tried using a technique that Sherry Rogers shared in the forum once, ie. taking some thin upholstery vinyl (from JoAnns) to rehearse various quilting options to see which one looks best first before you begin to quilt. Dawn, I was wondering if the judges would give extra brownie points for hand embroidery using embroidery floss to add accent vines to the leaves? Also, with cross-hatching, I'm wondering how close together you would recommend the lines to be? Since the applique hardly leaves any open spaces to quilt in, should they be relatively close together, around 1" ?
  16. Lib, I think they are referring to The American Quilter Society (AQS), not APQS. http://www.americanquilter.com/ You can subscribe to email updates and they will send you an email with their newest publications. You can also preview upcoming publications that have not been released yet. For all you amazing quilters, they are always looking for book and article proposals and you can see a set of submission guidelines here: http://www.americanquilter.com/publications/ Because they are so focused on education and technique, I think their books and magazines are some of the best. Kathy
  17. Shana, I just saw your photos on your website, wow! I think I'd be really happy to enjoy a few cosmos myself up there! To be honest, I didn't know what they were before so I was curious and did a google search, sort of like a martini but more tropical? The photos on your website are spectacular! I've always wanted to see what the aurora bourealis looked like, I can hardly believe how beautiful it is. I did not realize you literally live at the North Pole. I envy that you live with no smog, no congested freeways, no grouchy people all stressed out on the long commutes we have down here. It looks just beautiful. Kathy
  18. Congratulations Tina, what a lovely lovely day for you! How thrilling to be on national TV! I'm sure its meant to be for a purpose that is yet to unfold in your life. I know you'll treasure the memory from the experience always.
  19. I know, I have way too much time on my hands these days (hopefully not a permanent condition), so forgive me if this post seems frivolous and silly. I just finished up a few web design courses and found myself visiting websites that were awarded a webby award and this one just takes the cake! Its a little unladylike to share but the wee devil in me says that this might be a little innocent fun for your next quilting break. If you ever saw the Brawny Man viral ad campaign, this is similiar, by Norelco. http://www.shaveeverywhere.com/ P.S. You might want to make sure young children are not around when you watch.
  20. Hi Romy, I'm sure my reply won't provide much help to you because I don't have any experience doing what you are contemplating, but, whenever I ask myself, "will it work?" I am reminded of the one terrible experience I had taking the plunge with a new experiment on a quilt I worked long and hard on and then ruined because I didn't follow one simple rule of thumb - if in doubt, always test first! It was a painful lesson that I'll never forget but a bit of a blessing because I've learned how fun it is to experiment with new ideas in a risk free - throw all caution to the winds - have fun in the sandbox kind of way. I think you may be on to something fabulous.
  21. I hope its ok to leave a post about a new pattern I saw tonight for a totally adorable Halloween quilt. I saw it made up and its too precious. I'll leave a link to the PDF file below -Red Rooster is giving it away for free through their website: http://www.redroosterfabrics.com/stuff/contentmgr/files/a898f2c1b6b3b27a854783d857992e91/pattern/spooky.pdf
  22. Wow, your picture is so cute I'd like to buy a whole book filled with stories and quilt photos with Grandma Cathey and precious Kyra! Thanks for the special treat! I bet she was snug as a bug all the way home in that big bus in the sky, what a brave and adventuresome young lady coming all the way by plane to visit for the summer I know she'll cherish the memory of her visit forever
  23. Thanks so much for all the nice replies. Patty, I was given a swatch of silk batting at Road to California, and I still haven't given it a try but I've read its the batting of choice for hand quilters because it is the easiest to push the needle through by hand. I held a quilt made with silk batting at the vendor's booth and it was a very elegant feeling, the quilt just sort of puddles on its own, it has that much drape, and I love that, when a quilt just sort of does that. I pieced it together in about two days, it goes super fast - I thought someone might like this pattern as a practice quilt - I'd just want to run around on it like a race car with a long arm. It came from Better Homes and Gardens? American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine(August 2006 Issue 81). Cher, I have a package of the Tuscany Wool in my sewing room and I've been so afraid to try it because I live in 100F + heat all summer long but I'm dying to try it now for the loftiness, thanks so much for giving me the inspiration to give it a try finally on my next quilt. I was such a do-do bird on this one, I actually pre-shrunk the batting thinking it would give me that really nice taught look after the quilt comes off the frames when I see all your quilts in photos, but it just flattened everything, phew, that was a disappointment, but the colors make me happy still. Satu, thanks so much for your note, I made this for myself but the more I worked on it the more I realized, oh my goodness, this would match my dad's house perfectly, but I couldn't part with it, so I kept it. Hester/Linda, my goodness, I had not realized there were kindred quilting spirits so close by to where I live. I'm in Cucamonga. Do you have any favorite quilt shops I haven't heard about? I'm dying to branch out. Laurie, you gave me the shock of my life, oh my goodness, its so interesting to see 'my quilt' in other colors! I love Flea Market Fancy by Denise Schmidt. There is a large collection of it still available at The Tall Mouse in Yorba Linda if anyone is trying to find some. I'll leave a link here to the store just in case it turns out to be helpful to someone: http://www.tallmouse.com/ I love the way you quilted the quilt, oh my, I wish I had seen yours first for inspiration. I still don't have that large of a stencil collection so I just used the few ones I had that fit the space. I am wondering if you did yours free hand, it is just too incredible, you are very talented! (I'll put a photo of the motifs I used below.) I hope everyone is staying cool today! Thanks again for all your replies.