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  1. I am interested if these are still for sale, please email me at
  2. Interesting in purchasing a hydraulic lift for a Millie, table has round legs. If you have one you are interested in selling please contact me at
  3. Thanks Loes. I don't know where these emails go sometimes. I am so happy to be back up and running with Pre-design. It is a wonderful program, that I have missed way too much! Marlene
  4. Thanks, hopefully they will see this chat and I can get a hold of them. I don't know what else to do.
  5. Has anyone heard from Loes of Pre-design? I have been emailing her at her business email for the last two weeks and have not gotten a response. I don't know if my emails are ending up in the spam folder??? Does anyone have another email or phone number ? Other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Marlene
  6. Thanks so much for the information. Vicki, your quilt is beautiful. Nita I can't imagine a DWR in Silk, but it is wonderful. What size needle did you use when quilting on the long arm? less than an 18? Guess I will keep my fingers cross that no frogging is required. I am going to give it a try with bottom line...I think. Thanks again for the help:D
  7. Ok I am going to the experts, has anyone quilted a silk quilt? and if you what thread did you use? and special problems with this material? Thanks in advance I know you guys will know the answers.
  8. I have several of these trays. I use two for my Millie and love them. My friend got carried away with making these, I would love to have the space back from storing these, so I will sell the extras really cheap. If you are interested please email me at mcb4034@yahoo, I can send pictures.
  9. A friend of mine made me a set of Tool Trays / Clamp holders for my APQS, Milli. You can see these at These nifty trays eliminate the need for yardsticks and curtain rods to keep your clamps away from the sewing head. The clamp holders are adjustable, so they can be moved on the go. They also keep all your pins, tools bobbins, etc. handy so you always know where things are at. They measure 1.5' X 10" X 30" and the bottom of the tray is made out of Lexan. They are available in Cherry, Oak and Ash hardwood for 70.00 each plus 12.00 shipping and handling for one
  10. Can you ladies tell me where you have seen the CompuQuilter? I am interested is looking at this system for a possible purchase. Thanks, Marlene