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    I did the same as Charlene and it worked with my Charlie.
  2. I tend to sleep on it or go sewing tps or something then come back to it. Before I start frogging. Then when I come back to it, sometimes it is not as bad as I thought.
  3. I have found out that I need to keep my design no taller than 14". and that way I do not have any problems. I really like to keep it around 12 to 12.5, that way I have more leeway in matching up my design and making sure it is interlocking correctly.
  4. I had a blast during Isaac. Fran Sargent (a Judy Niemeyer instructor) did a workshop for our guild so we had a great time Tuesday. The workshop was at my church and one of the pastors told me that morning that the storm might knock out the power. I told him that we would sew until the lights went off. We were very blessed that the worst part of the storm passed us by. If you ever have a chance to host her you will enjoy her.
  5. I love it. And look at those chickens, so cute!
  6. When I first got my old machine, the Ultimate XX, I quilted the whole quilt with the backing upside down. The seam was down, so it had to be taken out and reseamed around the quilting then requilted. It was a mission quilt. I didn't even know that the seam was exposed until I turned it in. I was in such a hurry to finish. That is normally how I learn a lesson, I mess up then have to fix it. It is always a bummer.
  7. turned out beautiful as always, Patti. It was really interesting to see how you developed your quilting design.
  8. We have Fran Sargent coming in August,a Judy Niemeyer CI. Can't wait.
  9. Recently, I had a quilt that I took the whole backing off. Problem was I had used water solutuable thread in the bobbin when I pieced it. Unfortunately, I did not remember that until the quilt was pieced and quilted.Took about 15 years to finally suck it up and start frogging it. Big job, big mess... BIG lesson. I still have not finished renewing the bad spots.
  10. My first granddaughter had a suit like that. Ahhhhh".........she's 17 now.
  11. JD Robb has a great series. Which is set in the future but has a really good plot. Loved them. They are detective novels.