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  1. Also, don't hold it against your friend either. She probably didn't realize what was happening at the time.
  2. Judi, it's ok. Cagey is literally the first person to ever try to slander me after 15 years in this industry. I don't hold that against you. She just saw an easy target and went for it. Not that hard to do when you don't use your real name. I have a clear conscience and act with integrity in my every day dealings. I have no need to try to defend myself further from the bullying and threats of derogatory posts that she has insinuated. I will continue to try to help you resolve this. I truly care about your situation and I want to make sure you get taken care of. I'm not sure if we have me
  3. Thank you for your service, Cagey. Best of luck with your future posts.
  4. Cagey, I never implied that Judi was telling a false truth. If I was able to fly across the country to her home at this very minute, I would. I’m also still not quite sure why I am even on your radar in this matter. (BTW, My last name is GAmez.) My brother is a disabled war veteran who cuts rulers for many different teachers and earns income from running the website. I will always support him despite my father. Given that our family dynamics are really none of your business, I can still love my family without being a part of unfortunate choices. How am I expected to know about Judi’s situati
  5. Judi, I’m really sorry you are dealing with this and understand that you are upset. There really isn’t much that I am able to do other than talk to them about fixing it. I’m pretty upset myself about being pulled into the last post. The last thing i need is an internet campaign set up against me because of completely unrelated business my dad does. Some people might think it is effective to add my brother and me to the list, but doing so is cowardly and borderline libelous. I will do my best to help you.
  6. Cagey, I’m not sure why my name is being brought into a business transaction that I have nothing to do with. My rulers are made by my brother, who runs my mother’s website. I have no control over what they post or recommend. I live in the complete opposite side of the country and work very hard at providing ideas and products to this industry. I have been in this business for going on 15 years and never have screwed anyone over. Why would anyone think it is appropriate to even bring up my name and attempt to bruise me with something I have nothing to do with?
  7. If you do pebbling, play with it a little bit by adding in swirls and little "shells".
  8. It is important for everyone to know that Dave is the one that posts under DeLoa's username. I am trying to get APQS to take down the profile to prevent further damage to her reputation. Do NOT do business with him. My mom is an honest person that unfortunately gets tied to his messes and doesn't find out about his dealings until someone gets screwed over. She is often left to work day and night to rectify the situations. It is important to note, my brother, David (jr), runs her website and he is very honest as well. You are fine if you go directly through her or the website. They keep th
  9. The user of this account is not DeLoa.  It is her husband Dave.  Do not hold her accountable for the posts he makes or the business deals he makes.

  10. You did a gorgeous job! Thanks for the shoutout!
  11. I would recommend not doing business with him. He is my dad. Trust me on this. My mom is fine so if you need rulers or books, go through her or the website. My brother runs that.
  12. its all freehand except the outside border which is a Southwest border pattern from Quilt Recipes. I used a diamond background stencil to mark the diamonds
  13. i knew I wanted the spirals in the corners so I marked a boundary for where they were going to hit (2" square) and went from one to the next and then echoed the line. Added some diamonds and filled it in. It looks much harder than it was. The hardest part was deciding what to do!
  14. This was one of those quilts I was almost begging my client to let me do a panto on (Anasazi). I had no idea how to quilt it in a way to make the light areas more interesting. I changed my mind on the design several times before I told myself to just keep it simple. From there, it grew. Im really happy with how it turned out so I wanted to share.