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  1. Beach Gal, My machine is still available. And we would certainly entertain the idea of shipping it. We just need to find out the cost associated with it. Thanks, Page
  2. 2009 Millennium with 12’ frame. Featuring automatic quilt advance with foot pedal, hydraulic table lift, stitch regulator, quilt guide, channel locks, LED lighting with black light, laser stylus, thread cutter, needle up/down, pantograph quilting from rear of machine. Includes hundreds of dollars worth of extras: Superior Brand thread, pre-wound bobbins, extra bobbin cases, stich-in-the-ditch rulers, Quick Zipper System on leaders for easy loading and unloading of quilts with extra sets. Buyer is responsible for packing & moving. Located in Denver/Aurora, CO area. Personal use only, in a non-smoking home. Making room for my growing teens. $10,500 per APQS.
  3. Hello All, First time to post but have been following your chats for awhile now, guess I finally found something to say! I LOVE my 3-n-1 Superior Snippers from Superior Threads. Snippers, Seam Ripper and Awl in one tool and no finger holes, you just use the "squeezy" method. See what you think! Page