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  1. Hey Sheri, I noticed that you are from Lincoln Nebraska. I am originally from Omaha and have family both in Omaha and Lincoln. Glad you are ok.
  2. LOL I\'d have to agree with the dork comment. I am not the only one of our friends who thinks so too. She tries to just do too much and never budgets her time wisely. What happened with the quilt happens with every one of her projects. She made her daughter a prom dress and at the same time offered to make the costumes for a "Little Orphan Annie" play. One of my other friends had to take over the costumes for the play. My other friend said she couldn\'t handle the way she was so disorganize and should wouldn\'t even start on the costumes and time was ticking. So all of us know what she
  3. You hush now, I\'ve seen your work. I\'m the quilt stalker.
  4. It was late tonight (almost 8:00) Jim and you missed it.
  5. I support the troops as well. Thanks for posting the picture, if she says anything else about it I\'m going to copy your picture and email it to her.
  6. Ok I am NOT posting the recipes. It took me friggen FOREVER to make this whole dinner. If you like to quilt and have a hard enough time getting laundry done then this recipe is NOT for you. My husband and son (who just came back from his first year away at college and got a 3.683 GPA ) loved it, my middle daughter (14) said, "Ewww it looks like barf" and my youngest daughter (9) took one bite and said, "I think I\'m going to take a shower and go to bed". After all that work I had lost my appetite and only an hour earlier I thought I would faint from hunger. I did eat quite a lot o
  7. How did a few weeks ago turn into an expectation for you to drop everything and miracle quilt this for her? :mad: :mad: We all have these PITA customers and besides, you know what. You ARE a real quilter. Welcome to the club. We\'re having jackets made. And I love sweet corn cakes. Can you set another place at the table for me. I know I know, I am a real quilter...it\'s just so hard to say out loud. Compared to you guys I feel like a baby just starting out. You would have to know my friend, she does a million things and is always down to the wire. It\'s crazy and I refuse
  8. I am saved again, she is just going to SID on her domestic sewing machine. She doesn\'t want to buy more fabric. It is out of my hands now. I asked her when she needed the quilt to be totally finished....she said THURSDAY. I asked her how was she going to get it totally finished by thursday (she works) and get the binding on it too?!? She said she will be staying up all night to finish it. I just can\'t work like that.
  9. Yeah I would like to see that. Thanks!
  10. I already screwed up and told her I would take the other quilt off the machine (which I did this morning) BEFORE I measured the top and backing for her quilt. After I found out the backing was only 1 inch larger (in both directions) I told her I couldn\'t do it with that backing and I loaded the other quilt again. She then said that she would get another backing and bring it by tonight after work and I said I couldn\'t promise it by thursday. She wouldn\'t be able to take a quilt to a "real quilter" and expect a two day turn around. :mad: The quilters I know in the area are WEEKS out an
  11. She\'s probably using the iron-on transfer method. Yes she was going to do the iron-on transfer method.
  12. The problem is moot now, the backing was only 1 inch bigger than the quilt top. When I called her and told her she was like "Are you sure that isn\'t big enough. I took a quilt class once that said that was enough". I\'m going to copy what was said about the photo "peeling" off and the large unquilted space and email it to her. LOL I did tell her that I can\'t promise it now for thursday. I am making homemade enchiladas (with homemade sauce), spanish rice and sweet corn cakes for dinner tonight. I got all the recipes off Allrecipes.com and it looks VERY involved so that knocks out
  13. A friend of mine, who is always running late and behind , asked me to quilt a couple of photo quilts for her a few weeks ago. She has been saying to me daily, "I really need to get those quilts to you." She called me up today and needs one of them THURSDAY. :mad: She dropped it off this morning while I was at the grocery store, she hasn\'t transferred the pictures yet onto the quilt. There are just large areas of white fabric waiting for the transfer. I called her up and asked her why she hadn\'t put the pictures on the fabric yet and she said she will do it after I do the quilting.
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