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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from Dyan in Quilted my first quilt on a rental   
    As part of my machine research I was able to rent time on a Gammill Vision 22" longarm on Thursday. I didn't have to take a class before renting time as the dealer has quite a few LAers working who all help you out as you need it. I learned how to load the backing and then floated the top. The only work from the front of the machine was to baste the quilt and then I opted to use a very large abstract pantograph to quilt it.
    I really liked it and loved the dealer who is only 45 minutes away and offers lots of training to all her customers. But I'm still not ready to make such a huge decision without doing more research. Next on my list is to make the 3 hour drive to take a class on a Millennium. At least now I have more of an idea of what to look for. The one thing I do know is that I'm excited about this and can't wait to do some more quilting now. Also I know that I want a larger machine than the 22" and I may really want a computerized system. (I was impressed by all the things you can do with designing on the computer system.)
    I just had to share my excitement.  :-)
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