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  1. Thanks for all the responses. They will go in the mail tomorrow.
  2. I have a robotic system on my Millie and no longer use paper pantographs. I have about 20 that I am happy to ship out to someone for just the cost of the shipping. My email address is: kathymartinez@comcast.net
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I do have many more items, but to post them all in the forum and keep a running list of what's left probably isn't a good idea. If you email me, I will send you an up to date spreadsheet on what's available. If someone indicates they want to buy something, I will mark it as "pending sale." After a reasonable time, if I don't receive payment, I can let people know the item is back on the market. Again, my email is: kathymartinez@comcast.net. I will send everyone who has already contacted me, the spreadsheet.
  4. I have to admit it now. I have been a template junkie. I am presently using a robitic machine and now don't "need" so many templates. Not sure the best way to go about selling these in an organized way, but I thought I would price them at half of what they cost. Pretty good deal since they show no wear. On top of the price would be shipping. Most of them would fit in a pre-priced USPS envelope. Here goes: Gadget Girls: petals, set of 3: $13 tiny shells and swirls: $12 circle set-10 pieces: $100 Janet Lee's favorite ruler: $11 shells and diamonds: $12 rope and flowers set of 2 : $8.50 Linda mae's Rays 12 inch: $22 Linda mae's Rays 18 inch: $25 Ovals-set of 3: $36 hearts-set of 3: $22 please email me at: kathymartinez@comcast.net if you are interested. I do have more to sell, but will just start with these.
  5. The CQ has been sold! Thank you for allowing me to list on the forum. Kathy
  6. Whoops, I didn't answer all the questions. The only designs that come with the system are the ones that came originally with the software. This is the complete system, not the one for pantographs. One more item, if you haven't actually seen a CQ system: it comes with an excellent manual. If you read the book and go through the modules, you will have mastered the it.
  7. My CQ is about 2 years old, I think. I can't remember for sure when I got it, but it's exactly the same as the new ones. CQ updates the software every so often. The only item that might change is the particular model of the computer tower. That is the least expensive part of the whole system. I am providing a new keyboard. This system goes on an APQS Millie. CQ is a great system and I have no reservations recommending it others. One testimonial is that this is the first one I have ever seen for sale... I need to sell and that is why the price is so low. P.S. Seattle is a wonderful place to visit... Kathy
  8. Here is a terrific deal. I am selling my CQ. This is the complete and up to date system for $8,000 plus shipping (unless you would like to stop by and pick it up!) This is priced to sell... You will need to hire someone to install it, but at this price, you can't lose. If you are interested, please email me: kathymartinez@comcast.net.
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