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  1. Gee, I am so glad I read this because I wondered how on earth as my bones creak and groan, how much longer I am going to be able to climb under George to do maintenance. The space between George and the wall behind my chair is tight and I am not a pencil so it is a laugh a minute as I do this. I'm going to try from the chair next time and see how that works! Great tips!
  2. Quilting by the Bay carries the Martelli Quilting rings - www.quiltingbythebay.com
  3. Hi Sue, I used my Fine Line straight ruler the other day and did stitch in the ditch. I didn't think I would be able to "free motion" stitch in the ditch but I did and it worked. The only thing that I found is that I had to pay attention to keep the ruler next to the foot and then judge the distance to the "ditch". It worked and certainly was quicker that changing the foot on my domestic machine, winding bobbins with the same thread - etc. I was off in a couple places but no more than using my domestic machine. I'm also loving my Martelli quilting rings. I got them at Quilting by
  4. Oh Madelyn, I forgot to thank you for the compliment! Sue
  5. Hi Madelyn, I got mine at Quilting by the Bay where I work. I'll check on shipping tomorrow and post.
  6. A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had tried the Martelli Free Motion Quilting Rings on George. A friend of mine who has a different brand sit-down loves hers. I bought the set - 11" and 8". So far I have used the 11" and it has increased the space I can quilt, keeps my quilt flat and is easier on my hands! I've been having hand cramps and the knobs are such that I can hold the knobs without stressing my hands. I did a teardrop design that is nice and smooth because I didn't have to stop and start to reposition my hands. I haven't used the 8" yet but see it working well for finer work!
  7. I notice a bit of a "rattle" as well and wonder if it is the lightweight bobbin. Oiling doesn't make a difference and the noise doesn't change my stitching. I want to remember to stitch with a pre-wound that is "paper" and see if the noise is the same.
  8. Thanks, Nancy and Madelyn! I have a Fine Line Straight template that will be in the store where I work tomorrow. Martelli offices are not too far from here and I may go try them first. I'm doing fine with smaller designs and areas but not every quilt needs small and tight. I can do about a 6-8" area and then have to reposition. Because I work at a quilt shop, I find often that quilters only need to be told they are doing something correctly when adventuring into something new. And with most new quilters, deciding how to quilt a quilt is sometimes even harder than the actual quiltin
  9. I'm quilting my second quilt on my new George... finally took the ribbon off! I find that my hand spread to guide the quilt is not large enough and I end up pulling or pushing the quilt when my hands are moving away from the needle. Then the quilt gets a bit warpy. One of my friends has seen the Martelli Free Motion Quilting Rings and suggested I order them. Before I invest (they are an investment) I wondered if anyone has used them - or something similar with success with George. Or any ideas to help my "control" issue. Thanks, Sue - a happy George owner!
  10. I just ordered George and need to decide on the bobbin size. The Smart Bobbin is impressive. Any comments or suggestions on Smart Bobbin vs Big Bobbin?
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