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  1. Hope you surgery goes well and the sell of "Milla".
  2. Donna, hugs and prayers for you and your friends. Judi
  3. So sorry hear about your daughter and hope George sells quickly for you.
  4. Glad you are off and running, OOPS...... quilting!
  5. YEAH and the fun begins! So excited for you
  6. Congratulations and what fun to have three in one year!
  7. Mary Beth, So glad to hear you found a Freedom. I hope all goes well and did not realize it had been 7 years! Have fun, Judi
  8. Prayers for you and your family. Merry Christmas and hope the new year brings good news for your health.
  9. Merry Christmas to you also and have a great new year. Judi
  10. Bonnie, Good to hear from you and hope your health will improve quickly.
  11. Rita, It is the Summer Solstice pattern by Judy Niemeyer. I added more borders but everything else is her pattern. This quilt ended up going to Houston this year for the Texas Quilt Guild exhibit. So much fun to see it hang at Festival. Hopefully you can open the attachment. Thanks, Judi
  12. Hummmm, maybe Lucey could be a community machine! Might take a long time to be my time however! Thanks for the smile everyone, I really enjoyed the conversation by everyone.
  13. Mary Beth, Have not been on website in a while and just saw this post. Sorry to hear you are down in your back. Take care and hope you are feeling better real soon. Judi
  14. Heidi, just saw this post and was so glad to hear about Madison. I hope this starts a happy and fun turning point for Madison and your family.
  15. Glad you are feeling better and hope the test go quickly