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  1. I am just reading this post and so sorry for Madison but looks like she is doing better. Continued prayers for her and your family.
  2. So sorry to hear this and I do hope no more homes or lives are lost.
  3. So sorry you are having problems with your meds. Don't blame you for getting off of them. I worked with a lady whose husband was a drug rep. She always told anyone that would listen to not take meds, not even aspirin!
  4. Rita, Hope all will get better soon. Prayers and hugs coming your way. Judi
  5. Kay, Good luck in the downsizing and your move. Life is what it is and I wish you the best in your new venture. Best of luck, Judi
  6. Kathy, I cannot imagine loosing a child. Hugs to you and your family. Judi Beth, Had new phone and had not put "Ice" information in it. Done now. Thanks for the reminder. Judi
  7. Sylvia, I did the same thing with my new computer and took it back to the store where I bought it! After the funny looks, the lady took a long pair of tweezers and just pulled it out! I am thinking your long sewing/embroidery tweezers might work. Good luck. Judi
  8. Great avatar. Congratulations on the new studio and Millie
  9. Rita, So sorry for everything breaking all at one time and do wish I could help you financially. However, I can send hugs and prayers for you and your family. Judi
  10. Adrean, Welcome to the forum and glad to see another quilter in the area. Thank you for your service. Judi
  11. Ebay is a good source for what they are worth. I have a 7570 and my dealer told me not to sell it as it will be a work horse for years. I understand the 7570 still has a strong market if you want to sell.
  12. I can see how you could not resist that face! Cute Cute
  13. Way too cute! He should get extra points for creativity!