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  1. When I am in the front of my Mille and stitch away from me my stitches are perfect, but when I stitch toward me they do not look like stitches/ What do I need to do to make the stitches looking the same?
  2. Dianna Kihs

    needle bar

    Is there a video on how to adjust the needle bar?
  3. I would like to try and use metallic thread, can someone share what thread and needle size they use?
  4. Dianna Kihs

    Need help with quilting

    Sorry not yey,Husband got ill and ended up in hospital. just now going to get back to quilting.
  5. I must have quilting fog. In need of some suggestions on how to quilt this top.
  6. Dianna Kihs

    Metallic Thread

    Thank you, Lisa
  7. I would like to do a project using Metallic thread, can someone give me some advice, on needle size, brand of threads, tension adjustment and speed?
  8. Can you please send me a picture. I have a 2005 Millie will they work for me?
  9. Help, I was changing my bobbin and must of touched the gear grease cap with out noticing it. When I started to bring up my bobbin thread my hand rubbed some grease on the quilt top. How do I get it out?
  10. Dianna Kihs

    Machine Oil

    Thank you Linda and Myrna, i did the baking soda and it worked. I did take the left side panel off and wiped it very clean. I am fairly new and I over do sometimes, I will back off on the oiling. I was told to clean oil and change the needle after every quilt. I now no that I do not have to be so diligent in the oiling part. Thanks again Dianna
  11. Dianna Kihs


    HELP, I left my machine sit over my quilt and oil dripped on my quilt. How do I get it out?
  12. Dianna Kihs

    Machine Oil

    I need HELP.. I left my machine over my quilt and it dripped a spot of oil on the quilt. What do I do to get it out?????
  13. Sherri, I will take Lisa Calle's book $12.00 and DVD $18.00 My email address is dekihs@gmail.com
  14. Dianna Kihs

    New Quilt

    Thank you all, this quilt is for my Granddaughter who will be Sweet 16 Feb. 26 And Rita I did all ruler work
  15. Dianna Kihs

    New Quilt

    This is my first quilt of the year. The pattern is vintage ladies of the south that I got off and old quilt of a friend. Its hand embroidered and all the fabric for the dresses is from my Grandmothers box of fabric from the 60 and 70. All the ladies have a embroidered necklace with a pearl and they have a lace ruffle at the bottom of the dresses. Did 1" cross hatching in the background.