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  1. Lib, How frustrating! Call the APQS 800 number and talk to Amy, she'll help you figure it out. It might be the #8 screw or it could be a circuit board or any number odf things. It's hard to diagnose here and I'm sure someone else will chime in, calling APQS is free and you can talk to the experts on these machines, they'll walk you through everything on the phone and get right to the froblem and the fix for it without all the back and forth to the Forum which can take days and just result in more frustration. I see by your other post that you are already a couple of days into this without solving the problem, so I think the 800 number is your best bet! BTW, you don't have to start another new post, you can come back to this one and use the reply box to continue your thread. Hope this helps! Hang in there!
  2. I have the MBT which are like the Sketchers but I think they are more round on the bottom and have a softer heel possibly. I love mine. They are like a foot massage with every step, wonderful with the RA in my feet and ankles, (and everywhere else...)
  3. Rob's does not exist anymore. They got wiped out last year in Hurricane Ike. This area is still recovering.
  4. Kerry, That is really pretty! That CQ just rocks, huh? Those vines, and swirlies are perfect, and I love what piano keys do for borders.
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