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  1. Dawn -- thank you for your explanation and making everything clear. I'm really looking forward to trying Bliss. I live in the Des Moines area, but will have to wait til MQS to give it a whirl.
  2. I'm STILL confused. From Dawn's explanation it sounds like the new systems sold WITHOUT Bliss are priced at the same price as a Milli or Freedom system has been for quite a while. BUT it will be "Bliss Ready" and those new owners will only have to pay $1000 to upgrade and add Bliss. What am I missing here? I'd still like to know the actual price of the individual components so I can compare, not the probably price. I'm not accusing or assuming that anyone is taking advantage. It's just that there has been a lot of questions and confusion and I think it would be helpful to be able to compare the real price of apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
  3. Per Dawn -- "When a person buys a standard quilting system, it includes the table legs, rails, rollers, table top, cross tubes, truss. The upgraded Bliss drive system includes two steel rods, Bliss Axles and Bliss wheel set. These pieces total $1000 for the upgrade. These individuals will have already paid for the carriage and rails as part of their original table price. For individuals who are upgrading from a current table, the upgrade kit consists of two completely new extruded, machined and drilled rails (which include a new truss support built into the rails), new carriage, new head axles and wheels, and Bliss carriage axles, two steel rods, and the Bliss wheel set. To save shipping costs for our customers, we are not asking upgrade purchasers to return their rails, carriages, or trusses to the factory. Instead, you may wish to visit your local recycler regarding the aluminum as many will buy the aluminum as scrap metal." I'm still confused. If I wanted to upgrade my 2007 system to be "Bliss Ready", as I assume any machine sold today without the Bliss System would be, how much would that cost? In other words, what would the cost be for the new rails and carriage system alone be? Would they cost $2000? What I'm getting at is, I think we'd like to see the price breakdown in order to assure ourselves about the price difference. I appreciate the attempts at explanation Dawn, but I think the comment about APQS trying to save us money by not asking us to return the rails etc comes across as disingenuous. Why would APQS want the rails, that they have no intention of using again, returned?
  4. Good question. I was wondering the same thing while trying to figure out why Bliss is $3000 for existing owners of APQS machines but only $1000 for new buyers. I hope someone can answer this question.
  5. Yes, thank you so much for the pictures. However, many of us have questions about the cost of the upgrade. Some of the expense is clearly in the replacement of the rails and carriage, but $3000? That is such a huge number. I think many of us are hitting a wall of resistance when faced with that number. Any chance there will be a "special offer" to upgrade at MQS?
  6. Dawn, Since you've been quilting with a new Milli, can you tell us if the new Bliss system makes small quilting, such as tiny feathers and microstippling, easier and looking nicer. If so, how much of this can be attributed to Bliss and how much to Quilt Glide? If I upgrade, I won't have Quilt Glide, so would like to know if Bliss alone can help me achieve smoother tiny quilting.
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