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  1. Wow, thanks for all the replies. I just got home from work and couldn't wait to see if anyone commented on my post this morning. Let's see, comfy shoes, camera, large tote and NO cologne. Got it. So, Boni, what would we be volunteering to do when I meet Jackie? Barb, I love the ribbon!! Do we need to get tickets in advance to the banquet on Fri? If so, how? Now, how hard is it really, to drive to this place? Like I said, I'm not real brave in larger cities and I will be arriving Wed. night. I can't wait to meet all of you!!
  2. I'm so excited! I've never been to MQS before. In fact, I've never been to ANY of these kind of quilt shows before. We're scheduled to take classes on Thurs & Fri. We've never taken classes before either. So, I'm sure you'll recognize us, the green ones, looking around like tourists. We'll arrive sometime Wed evening and I'm hoping I won't have any trouble getting there. I don't like driving in big cities. We're staying at the Sheraton, so at least that will be convenient. We're hoping to meet a lot of the chat ladies while we're there. I lurk a lot and get great tips and a
  3. Happy Birthday Bonnie Have a HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You were lucky Jolene. Glad it wasn't major. I'm going to use Patty's method (from Barb's thread above) and use my channel locks and not put the needle down. Not sure I completely understand where to shine the laser but I'll figure it out. I've always put the needle down to advance for pantos. Don't want this to happen again. Thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks ladies, my friend that quilts with me came right over and proceeded to mend the top and bottom. It is a panel of "Cars". I'm just doing a crazy puzzle on it so after Deb did her mending I quilted up to the point of disaster and tag teamed to her and she did her own version of the puzzle so that it would go over the tear. It really doesn't look bad. I'll of course tell my customer and give her a discount. And like Laurie from the other post, this is a new customer. Yikes. Thanks for all your concern and help.
  6. I was advancing my quilt with the needle down, and the machine caught on a cord and ripped the quilt about 1 - 1!/4" tear all the way through! Has this happened to anyone and if so what do you do? Mary Lou
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I'll print the quote from Shana and keep it in my tax files. Thanks again,
  8. Thanks for the quick responses. This is my first time doing this and have no clues as to what I'm doing. The only thing I could claim then would be my thread and I don't think thats worth messing with. Thanks again,
  9. How do you do your taxes in regard to charity quilts. My tax person says that since you don't actually have something in inventory that you're donating so that you can lower your inventory then it really doesn't do anything. The only thing you could claim would be your thread. I thought services and wear and tear on the machine would count for something but I guess not. What do the rest of you do?
  10. That is such a great idea for a birthday party. They are adorable!! My friend went to a surprise baby shower for her, the grandma, and they all dressed up and had a tea party and gave her gifts for the baby to have at grandma's house.
  11. Terri How cool is that!! I would love to see the whole back better. Did you just do some plowed rows randomly or did you section it off? Thanks for sharing.
  12. Thanks for the tip, hmerrill. I have a lot to learn, and am having fun learning.
  13. Thanks for your quick responses. I was unsure of what the rule of thumb was for straight line piecing opposed to other patterns. Also, if really curvy is it better to keep with the curves or the opposite? Thanks for looking. Mary Lou
  14. My mom and I are piecing a stack and slash quilt made from various colors and my Dad's chambry workshirts. We wanted to do something special with his shirts. In each corner of the border we have put a shirt pocket and I will stitch a dump truck in one, a pickup, old tractor and a newer tractor in each of the others. In the border I'm putting a tractor, corn stalks, barn, house and trees that look very similar to the ones we had. (I hope) In the middle of the quilt I'm not sure what design to make. Is it better to keep the lines straight since there are no curves, or is it better to d
  15. Barbara~ I found race cars and towing cars on the following site: Hope this works for you.
  16. Thanks Vicki I've seen the block tractor before which is what I was thinking about for the border. I hadn't seen the panto though. Thanks. I can't seem to find barns though.
  17. My mom and I are making a quilt made from some of my dad's work shirts. We're doing a stack and slash. Not sure how to quilt it. I was wondering if anyone knew of a barn panto. I don't know if it will really show up on all these colors or if I should stick to something less defined. I'll probably do a tractor in the border. Thanks,
  18. Thanks for the idea. I'm going to try for the Planet Patchwork and Quiltville mystery quilts. The Longarm University registration was closed. This should be fun!
  19. I have used Bonnie's starch & steam method quite a bit lately. In fact the last 2 quilts were saved by Bonnie. The quilt we just finished though was nice and flat to begin with. Much to my surprise when we took it off the rollers the backing had excess bunching between the rows. I'm still not sure how that happened. I checked underneath quite a bit to make sure it was smooth. Does this happen if there is too much space between the rows? I also pulled the batting taught everytime I rolled. The customer provided the batting and I don't think it's the greatest. It seems scratchy.
  20. Thanks everyone!! You're all so helpful. Many ideas here. Thanks for the tip about the metallic thread Shannon. I knew it was difficult enough with my DSM. Have never tried it on "Sofee" yet. Very good ideas, will let you know how it comes out.
  21. Thanks Meg, that does sound like a good idea. I'll look into it.
  22. Thanks Shannon, I have a pinwheel Christmas quilt to do. She wants something simple but I can't quilt over the pinwheels because they stand out from the quilt. Every other block is plain green, the pinwheel block has a red background. I thought about putting different Christmas objects on the green. Not sure what to do around the pinwheel. If I could quilt over the paper it might go faster than trying to space each one to do with the laser. I may try gold metallic thread. That scares me though. I don't know how it will do tension wise. Should I put it in the bobbin too?
  23. Has anyone ever traced a design on freezer paper and actually sewn thru it onto the quilt block and then tore it off? Would this break or dull a needle? After a few bad experiences with chalk and invisible pens, I wondered if this would be a better idea? Thanks,
  24. Thanks Sheri & Heidi, It looks like you're both on the same track. I also found one called Whirlpool by Spingler. I'm a little disappointed. I think I could have really made this quilt look good. Oh well.
  25. Thanks Linda, how do I find Tad's email address?