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  1. I haven't received any email from APQS forum since Aug. 4th. How do I get it back? I really miss hearing from them everyday.
  2. Just talked to my customer, she wants an all over design. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm going to call the customer and to discuss custom and overall and the difference in prices. She is a newbie at this and may not even know the difference. Or maybe she was only looking at prices to begin with. BUT I NEED IDEAS!!!! For panto or custom either one. I am blank. Thanks.
  4. My customer specified that I do something easy and it could even be an overall pattern. That being said, do I not do custom because of the price? But doesn't this quilt scream custom?
  5. I thought the "beauty blocks" should be SID also. What kind of diagonal design are you thinking about. Remember.... E A S Y. I will probably use beige thread so it won't take away from the her blocks. The back is the same material as the narrow border. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks Teresa, I hope this works. I think I've done what you said to do. However, when I click in the attach bar and then browse, I go to desktop and find my file, but it says open, not attach from there. Now, with ideas;
  7. How do you post a pic? I first right clicked on Start, and clicked on Explore. Then went to HP admin. doc. Then My scans. I hi-lighted the pic I wanted and drug it to a word file. From there I selected the pic and chose picture jpeg from the drop down list and opened it. The name of the file appeared to be in my attachment on the chat topic. Then I clicked post new topic. Did I leave something out or was I completely off base all together? Also, I haven't received email from APQS since Aug. 4th. I miss seeing the forum on the email. Thanks,
  8. I'm not sure if I can post a pic but I'll try. This customer doesn't care what I do on her quilt and even said it could be an all-over design and something easy. It has a lot of motion to it and I can't come up with anything clever. My expertise on designs are limited. Thanks for looking,
  9. Wow, Shana, I love the sashing. I'll have to practice that. That was really fast too!! Beautiful.
  10. I'm with Barb M too. Except that my apron is a half apron (not so bulky) with 3 pockets. I'm left handed so my scissors are retractable from my left pocket, seam ripper, tweezers and phone in my middle pocket, and thread tails in the right pocket. I'm in such a habit with the thread tails that it is a must to put on my apron.
  11. Thanks for the explanations, past threads on this, and the online video. Once again, I'm learning so much as I go along. Who would have thought?
  12. I have soooooooooo many start and stops on this BIG quilt. I have been dragging to the next start and back tacking. Mrs. A mentioned to bury the thread every so often. I'm not sure how to bring the bottom thread up. Roberta was thanking Shana for telling her how. Maybe one of them will share with me too? Do you do this so that you don't have to clip so many threads on the back? Thanks everyone!! But burying the thread will be a lot of work but in the end will look better.
  13. Thanks for all your great responses. Question; when you say you knot the thread and pull it through, are you not locking your stitches then when you start off? And when you pull about 6" through do you try to keep it as close to the seam line as possible? I've never seen it done just trying to figure it out. Thanks again everyone!!
  14. Oh, and thanks Shana for reminding me about the rainbow colors being slippery. They are a little more contrary.
  15. So, Bonnie, by burying the thread you wouldn't need to back track? I tried burying threads earlier today for the first time. It really makes it look nicer. When I back track it shows up on the back of the quilt. My customer wants the top thread to match each color of material (5 colors). She doesn't care if the back has all different colors on it because it will be hung on a wall. But the back track really shows when the contrasting color is used. I guess if she doesn't care about the colors I shouldn't care about all the start and stop tracks?
  16. When locking your first stitch before sewing, do you still need to back tack when taking off from the locked stitch? This is probably a silly question. Sorry.
  17. Oops, I guess I don't know how to post pics.
  18. Here are a few pics of my Bear quilt that so many of you helped me with. It is far from perfect. Nothing like all of you pro's turn out. My swirls in the bears never did get perfected but they mostly show on the back if you really look for them. Also, I was able to get most of the purple air-soluble marks out of the rays. If you really look you may see a few very faint dashes but I doubt if you can find them. Bottom line is that my customer was very excited when he saw the finished quilt.
  19. Haven't tried that. Will test it out though. Thanks
  20. You wouldn't believe the sigh I made. My DH even brought me a glass of wine after the quilt was picked up to celebrate. :cool:
  21. Thanks Shana for the link. I have printed it out and will give it a try. Sheila, I have unrolled the bellie rollers but not the take-up. I'll try that too. Thanks Patty Jo for helping me get some answers to this solution. You are all so great.
  22. When I put my quilts on they are not straight on my canvass rollers. I have zippers and am trying to figure out how to easily re-align them. The left side sags while the middle is really tight and the right is snug. Do I need to take them completely off and start all over? I'm getting ready to do a quilt that will have horizontal lines all over it. Thanks for any advice.
  23. Okay all, I'll let you know how my quilt came out. You just won't believe this. I took Shana's suggestion and used baking soda and water to get the yellow chalk out. I did this on the table not in the machine. The chalk came right out!! DH & I were smiling and doing a happy dance. I forgot all about also making some dashes with the purple air-solluble pen too!! AND THEN, AND THEN, as the quilt was drying, alas, what should appear out of nowhere but purple dashes everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! Now, how to get rid of these? I used Oxi-clean with a Q-tip on each dash. This was a full after
  24. Thanks Karen, my husband knows exactly what you\'re talking about. (He\'s old) I\'ll look for it and keep some on hand for things like this.