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  1. Heidi Thanks for the starch & steam solution. Dang, it\'s working!!! Looks so much better already. Thanks again!
  2. Would I be trodding on sacred ground by removing the hand stitches made by this man\'s mother? She had even sewn some of these pleats in herself!! This is very old and a lot of the squares do not come close to being even. Thanks for getting back with me on this.
  3. Ihave an old quilt that was given to me to quilt. It is hand sewn and has a lot of pleats and puckers in it. I think the best thing to do is a pantograph. She has also already started to hand quilt it. There\'s just a few X\'s in the middle and about 2"-3" long basting stitches all around the quilt to hold the sandwich together. I am going to try to iron it and put it on the rollers like it is. (Unless you ladies have a better idea) My question is, do I do a pantograph with more denseness to it or less? Or do you have other suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hey Judy & Tina, I live in Decatur, IL JoAnn~ Beautiful quilting. It looks so perfect.
  5. I\'m not sure I\'m picturing this correctly. Wouldn\'t there be a hole between the two dots? I\'ll try to find directions with pics. I\'m a diagram person and thank you so much. I think it\'s such a cool pattern.
  6. Teresa~ OMG!!! I stared and stared at the tumbling block quilt and just realized that it was made from stars. I thought it was made of squares. Never really looked that closely. Thank you so much. I have always thought the tumbling blocks were really neat. I\'ll try to find how to sew the Y seams from Simply quilts. Looks difficult, but I\'m always up for a challenge.
  7. Thanks Bonnie & Mary Beth. Can you direct me to any website that may have pics and/or directions as to how to put it together. She has quite a few of these stars and doesn\'t know where to go with it. This is probably a silly question but how do you sew a Y shape? Thanks again,
  8. This post is in regard to the HUGE picture I posted on 1/21 under "Mystery Blocks". Thanks Teresa and Holly for your quick response. I googled the three designs you suggested. I found a similar 6 point star quilt but have no idea how you would sew the piece between each star. Thanks Teresa. Holly, I found the Ocean waves and I think that might be what the second block is. I found a picture of a quilt with that block in it with directions of how to make it under "McCall's Quilting" - Vintage Quilts Patterns. Thanks again, I love this chatty thing.
  9. This is the first time to post a pic. I don\'t know how to make it smaller. My question is; do any of you know what these blocks are called? A friend bought several of these blocks in a rummage sale and doesn\'t know what to do with them. Thanks
  10. Thanks Kathy~ I held on to my tails when starting out sewing and that really worked. Maybe just 1 or 2 when I stopped. I sure hope the stitching on the back looks nice. It\'s hard to really tell until I advance it. I\'ll keep practicing on the bobbin winder. Mine were backlashing so bad when I would stop and I always had to take it out and pull it tight before continuing. Made for a long night. Or it would cut off really short so that I would have to pull some out before beginning again. My husband doesn\'t understand how I can have so much patience with it.
  11. Dawn~ When I want to stop to make sure the back looks okay before going too far, I can\'t just start sewing from that spot without having to start all over with pulling the bobbin thread up. It either starts bunching or breaking thread. Not all the time but most of the time. I think my biggest problems are with my bobbin winding. I\'ve had better luck winding bobbins with my domestic than the stand alone bobbin winder. Or do I have a different problem with the stop and starting? Sue, are you just using the needle up/down button 2-3 times or are you running your machine to lock your st
  12. Thanks for all your quick responses. I never feel that I have enough control guiding with one hand but I\'ll practice. Dawn, when I stop my machine it usually doesn\'t want to just start in sewing again without doing the whole cutting the thread and pulling the bobbin thread up again. Is there a reason for this? Thanks again everyone. I\'ll try again tonight.
  13. What causes the thread to bunch up (causing bird nests)when you first start off stitching? I'm doing a lot of start and stops on this particular quilt and I have several bird nests. Help please, thanks.
  14. Patty Jo~ I had the same thing happen to me. I wrote for help back in Feb. Sherry mentioned the same website for me, I haven\'t tried it yet either. I did however use alcohol on a scrap piece and it got really faint. But when I tried it on the actual quilt it still showed. Everyone was very creative with their suggestions of how to cover the ink. I ended up appliqueing a double cloud and no one was ever the wiser. I hope you can get the ink out. I was lucky because I had an applique quilt. Good Luck!! Mary Lou
  15. Great idea Linda. I can\'t wait to tell her. I think the combination of print and plain squares would compliment the quilt. Thanks again. I have trouble seeing things sometimes and need direction.
  16. Thanks for the ideas. I think she has a throw in mind if she has enough sweatshirts. May even incorporate flannel 4-patch. I really like the idea of the overlapping making a fringe on both sides. I suppose you could still quilt a design even if it is one layer if she really wants quilting on it. Thanks again everyone,
  17. Ditto that for me. The last one I received was 12/20. I really miss them. I thought something was wrong with our computer. Mary Lou
  18. Thank you to both of you Linda\'s. I like both of your ideas. Do you think it would be too stretchy to quilt? Thanks,
  19. Has anyone ever made or quilted a sweatshirt quilt before? The girl I quilt with has lost both of her parents in the last 4 months and was going through their things and found some sweatshirts of theirs. She even thought about making them ragtime and just quilting the single layer. We didn't know if backing would help or hinder this project. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks,
  20. She\'s a doll. She looks very happy and comfortable already with you. You\'ll be so good for her.
  21. Very clever!! Love the cake, may have to try it for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Wow!! Seeing is believing. I already have a lot of the fullness out. I have learned so many tips from reading this board. Thanks so much!!
  23. Bonnie~ This is probably a really dumb question but when you are steaming the quilt, are you holding the iron above the quilt and working it in with the towel, or are you actually ironing the quilt?
  24. Thanks so much for answering my plea. I went to work and kept thinking about this quilt. I thought that maybe I could use my butterfly stencil and make random butterflies so the poofiness wouldn\'t show so much. I\'m definitely going to try Bonnie\'s tip. If I have problems, you\'ll be hearing from me very soon. I\'ve waited all day to get back to this. Thanks again everyone.
  25. I'm a newbie and have offered to do charity quilts with a local quilt guild. They have given me 3 quilts to do and one needs to be finished this week. My problem is that the pieced quilt has a large print panel in the middle and will not lay flat. It has way too much material in it. Probably 1 - 1 1/2" too much. The rest of the quilt is fine. My question is, do I put it in my machine and try to work with the excess, or do I take out a little of the side seams of the border in the middle and just put a seam in the middle of the panel to make it fit? I didn't know if this would be okay