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  1. I also forgot to mention that I have the top tension as tight as I can without the thread breaking. The bottom is still a little loose but I finally have some drop on the bobbin. Not sure what to try next. Top of quilt looks great. Deblou
  2. WOW!! A mirror! I never thought of that. I think I'll go buy a big mirror. Loved your comment, thanks. Deblou
  3. Patty~ I'm not sure how to explain knobby. It's kind of like eyelash only straight. Maybe it's what they call railroad tracks. I'm really not sure what all the terms mean. Anyway, I loosened the bobbin and then loosened it a bit more. Now I have some drop. I had to loosen my top tension a half turn too because the thread kept breaking. It's sewing much better now. Not perfect. It's hard to tell what the bottom looks like until you roll it. Thanks for your suggestions. ckirk~ We're using varigated superior thread. The thread isn't breaking now since I loosened the both tensions.
  4. Thanks Patty for getting back with us so quickly. We're trying to quilt this thing right now. We're really new at this and so we are wondering if by running the needle tighter, do you mean the top tension or how you thread through the 3-hole guides? And we've never heard of the "bald guy" before. We'll try loosening the bobbin but hope that it doesn't change the looks on the bottom of the quilt. Before, it was really knobby on the bottom. Thanks so much, Deblou
  5. HELP!!! We know you've heard all you want to hear about tension but we still need help. The top and bottom stitching looks good but the thread keeps breaking after about 8 inches of sewing. We've read all the suggestions and have tried everything. Also, we are afraid to mess with the bobbin tension since we got it looking pretty decent but we don't have a drop in our bobbin. We have tried threading through just one of the three holes at the top and no matter how many holes we thread through our thread still breaks. The thread pulls nicely until we go thru the last 2 thread guides.
  6. Can you buy pre-wound bobbins individually or do you have to buy 10 or 12 of one color? I'm also having problems with my stand-alone. I have trouble with it not grabing the thread when I start it. It just sits there and spins its wheel.
  7. Well, it looks like it did come east. We had an ice storm Thurs. night and lost our power. It didn't come back on until last night sometime. After Thurs. night and all day Friday, we decided we didn't need to be this cold and went to Southern IL where we have my mother-in-laws home. Stayed there Fri and Sat night came back today to power. We were lucky, there's still a lot of people without power. There are so many limbs down and everything is covered in ice. If not for the destruction, it would be really pretty. Deblou
  8. Thanks Anita, I'm glad to know someone has used the PajamaQuilting DVD. I hope I get the hang of it. Tina, how cool is it that you used to live in Decatur. Most people have never heard of it. Scott & Jeanne let us know which DVD's you started with and how you liked them. I'm really getting hooked on this chat board. I learn a lot. I still have tension problems on the underside and I have a lot of trouble winding bobbins on my stand alone bobbin winder. Deblou
  9. I'm a LA Newbie also. I went to the website Linda suggested and bought the DVD "PajamaQuilting for Newbies". I can't wait to get it. I've only had the beginning class and live too far away to get a hands on class. I'll need all the help I can get. Thanks DebLou
  10. Thanks to all who have replied. I will most certainly check out the web sites you've suggested. I appreciate all your info. Happy quilting, Deblou
  11. I am a beginner and would like to know the advantages of the Hartley Fence vs. the Circle Lord. Which would you recommend for a beginner. I know nothing about either of them. I would like to know if this is something I would get a lot of use out of. Deblou