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  1. I'm in the process of designing a whole cloth quilt. I've digitized the central motif using Art & Stitch and sewn out those designs using IQ. The background quilting was done free hand. My next attempt will be to add a wreath around the urn. I plan to use off white dupioni. BTW. Does anyone have a good source for quality dupioni silk? Thanks for any help. Sandra
  2. I ordered some clamps from Renae Haddadin. They are called Red E Edge clamps and can be purchased in a few different lengths. I will have to use an electrical hot knife to modify them to accept my Velcro strips but otherwise they seem to be the same clamps. Sandra
  3. Many good thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. Hope you are soon on the road to feeling better. Sandra OLAQ
  4. Joyce, You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sandra OLAQ
  5. Can someone please post pictures of the hydraulic lift mounts for the bliss table? I graded my table and a friend retrofitted mylift but the back support gets caught on the power cord at times. Thanks, Sandra
  6. Ladies, These clamps are wonderful. I have used them for 7 years. Please be patient with the company. It is my understanding that the owner, Steve, has been ill and is not presently capable of fillng the orders right now. You can have your credit card company refund you if you don't want to wait but please have some empathy for what may be happening in the owners' lives.
  7. What kind of computer printer do you use for quilting? I am trying to print onto freezer paper and my printer keeps eating it. This is not my first attempt. I used to have an older HP all in one office-jet which I loved. Alas it died. This new office-jet L-7780 is not as user friendly. TIA, Sandra
  8. I am having trouble keeping the power fabric advance securely screwed onto the quilt take-up bar. I have to tighten the hex head screws quite often. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sandra
  9. I installed new M & M wheels on my Bliss system last night. Amazing results. Thank you everyone at APQS for all your support and for providing us with such wonderful machines. Your are totally the best in the business!! Sandra
  10. Is the interchangable trapunto foot available yet?
  11. This is for those Millennium owners who use Donita Reeve's extended base. Are there any adjustments that need to be made to the Millennium to accomodate the base? TIA, Sandra
  12. I fall in love with my APQS Millennium again each time I take a quilt off the table. You can't go wrong with a machine which is well built, has wonderful support from the company, and a forum which is rich in information. Go for it!
  13. Debbie, While you are laid up, you can also get some excellent books by Linda Miller at http://thatssewspecial.com/ You can download the books. Hope you are well soon so you can enjoy the IQ and use all the new information you will glean from these resources! Sandra
  14. Yesterday I changed out the old hopping foot on my Millennium to the new foot with interchangeable feet. I was reticent to do the retiming of the machine but all went well. Thanks, APQS, for the great instructions and a great product. I fall in love with my machine more and more with every project I complete!
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