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  1. I am curious as to how much difference there is in the use of the Edgerider wheels and the M&M wheels. Is it worth the price to change them? Naomi APQS Millie
  2. Is there a big difference between the M&M wheels and the Edgerider wheels? Naomi APQS Millie
  3. I am having a couple problems with my Millie that I am hoping someone can help me with. The first one is the stitch regulator. I have it set just past 0 and still get very small stitches, I normally run it about 9-10. It stitches very uneven for stitch length when stitch control is activated. I have cleaned all the wheels and rubber wheels with rubbing alcohol. Have checked the placement of the black wheel in the grove. All look OK to me. Do the black wheels wear out and need to be replaced? I have a 2002 Millie. Second problem is I am getting a clunking noise at random times when s
  4. I would be interested in your panto list, please. Thanks. Naomi
  5. I am hoping someone can help me out with an electric fabric advance foot control problem. I used it just fine yesterday, no problem. When I went to use it today it will not work, either forward or reverse. I can manually move it with the toggle switches on the motor. So I think it is in the foot control but don't know what to look for. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Naomi APQS Millie
  6. Hester, you did a beautiful job on that quilt. I have made 3 of that same pattern. I enlarged my pattern to fit a queeen size bed. I did radiating lines in the outside blocks and cross hatched the center block. I don't know how to add a picture so I can't show you how I quilted it. The last one I donated to our QOV group to use as a raffle with the proceeds going to buy more fabrics and help with the postage. Naomi Idaho