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  1.  A customer wanted me to quilt a reversible quilt.  The top and bottom are pieced exactly the same but with different batik  fabrics.  I added temporary fabric on all sides of one to treat it like a backing and tried my best to keep them lined up as I quilted.  after I finished quilting it I discovered the back tension was no good.  I took out all the stitching and requilted but there are holes from the original quilting.  Any idea how to make the holes less conspicuous?

  2. Does anyone with a 2013 or newer Millie have intermittent problems with the start/stop toggle not always working?  I thought it was my right handlebar going out, but now I am having the same problem when I use my robot (Butler) which uses the aux port to send the start/stop instruction.  Makes me think it is not the sending of the start/stop but the receipt of the command????  I sent the robot company a problem report, but it happens when I am manually sewing also so I doubt it is the robot.

  3. I have a new customer that wants me to quilt the attached quilt.  He wants me to pick what goes in the background (while the fabric is small flowered sheets, he does not want meander or feminine).  



    In the star, he wants me to quilt feather fans.  I do not know what feather fans are.  Can someone describe them?  I will try to make the border (top and bottom only) similar to these feathers.




    Not sure why the photo didn't upload the first time.  Here I go again...I hope.post-1861-0-32815500-1454126826_thumb.jpg

  4. Have new manuals been created for the new Millies and available for download?  My documentation still has photos of the old handles and the exercises in the getting to know the machine area are based on the old configuration.  I would like to do a demo later this month to my quilt group with a few hand outs and would love to take some of the diagrams from actual manuals instead of taking photos of my own (I take such poor photos).

    HQ Sixteen Quilting Machine and Stitch Regulator

    Front and Rear handles
    Integrated laser light-- used for following patterns (pantographs) from front and back of the machine. 2 phantom graphs included
    Pen Stylus -- used for following groovy boards
    External bobbin winder
    Brand new Hand Quilter track and carriage control 
    Channel lock
    extra bobbin case
    HQ straight edge ruler
    sampling of threads 19 spools and 77 prewound bobbins
    Tilt screen action handle with built in LED cluster lights
    six stencils
    two books on machine quilting
    one DVD on machine quilting
    Suzy Q frame feature easy assembly, easy storage powder coated steel frame with no metal to metal contact
    easy quilt advancement with complete tension control system
    batting rack
    brand new 9 1/2' HQ marked leader
    1 roll of batting
    8 pkgs of needles
    Stitch regulation provides you consistent stitch quality from 4 stitches per inch up to 15 stitches per inch. Full 16" of throat depth provides 13" of quilting space with 8" vertical space. HQ16s have a high speed rotary hook with large capacity "M" class bobbin. The machine can move from Stitch Regulation to Manual mode with a click of a button. Set up you preferred settings, including stitches per inch and speed control. Self lubricating bearings, requires no internal oiling.

    Includes 8 hours training within 60 miles of Spokane, WA

  6. I hope to get quilt path one of these days. I work on a Mac (and iPad). I have an old laptop (pre windows 7 I think) and a windows bootable version (7 I believe) on the Mac.

    Other than internet downloads, on what environment do I need to be (besides the quilt path tablet) to do anything? What can be done away from the quilt path tablet?


  7. My Millie stitches fine but I think the bobbin housing, not the bobbin case seems to rattle loudly frequently but not always. I stitch with regulator on and try to stitch evenly but I know i need to do better in this area. I have the M bobbins. I have not figured what I am doing different when it does not rattle. It behaves both loud and not so loud during the same quilting session on the same quilt.

    Since stitches are just fine should I learn to ignore it or should I be doing something about it?

  8. I have a question. I found quite a few free pantos online. I understand I cannot load purchased pantos into quilt path but is there a way to digitize free pantos and designs I find in the Dover books and load them into quilt path?

  9. Customer prefers inexpensive. I was going to stitch in the ditch except the plain pieces where she suggested a simple figure eight type swirl that I frequently do, but the ditch stitching will detract from the handwork. We both want the fabric and handwork to be the dominant feature and quilting just for its functions. Does that help? I thought I would use superiors invisible thread on the top. Backing is plain white.

  10. Two questions (so far):


    1.  I have the M bobbin and doing my first quilt, I had too much thread breakage.  I did not use the pigtail on the bobbin.  So I will try that BUT, looking at the diagram in the book is very confusing (page 88).  Does the thread go through the regular tension finger and then the the pigtail, or do you bypass the regular tension finger.


    2.  Is there a single page that shows how to thread (upper thread) the machine?  There are pieces of the diagram on several pages, but I did not find the page that has the entire thread path in a single view.  Can someone point me in the correct direction?  I wanted to rethread when I started getting thread breakage but was not comfortable without a single view of the thread path.  (I changed the needed and checked the bobbin thread, and thought it strange that the breakage mostly occurred on spiral type design)


    Thank you.

  11. Well...I am a newbie, getting my machine soon (not soon enough).  Hubby wants me to rent the machine.  I am getting the 14' table.  What size zippers should I get?  All I have found so far is 144".  I also have an old (unused) set that is small.  Can I put multiple zippers on the leaders?  I pinned on my old machine and large quilts took almost as much time to pin as to do overall quilting!


    Several of you mentioned a class for the renters.  Is there a lesson plan around?  I am moving up from a HQ16, but a long time ago I rented and took the class but I forget what was covered.


    Thank you in advance for letting me pick your brains.

  12. I am quilting this quilt for a raffle. I am an advanced beginner (can do feathers...sort of inconsistently so far). This quilt is so busy I am not sure what to do. Normally I would do overall but is there any other ideas since it will be raffled to raise money??? No borders, 4 patch type. HELP.

    Am trying to attach photo. Sorry.


  13. I like the ideas so much! thank you. I looked at the first one all night and had already decided to accent the flower in the center with petals and leaves. I like the feathers in the partial two colored squares and the border. I love doing leaves so I think I will do something with leaves in the green partial squares...maybe extending the leaves from the center flower.

    You guys are the best!

  14. I am an experienced beginner who has done mostly overalls (end to end line dancing, flowers, leaves, stars and a bunch of others). I take donations while I still am improving. A new 'client' will be advertising the quilting I do on these quilts (she sells her quilts, too). So I would like to do a better job, but don't want to risk too difficult a job on these three quilts.

    Suggestions? The first one could be a table runner long and narrow. The second is a wall hanging and the third will probably be called a Christmas table topper.


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