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  1. Wow, That is really sad. These quilts were donated for the victims and now the victims can go and "buy" them??? I hope the vouchers cover the cost but it doesn't look like it does. Queenie, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the pain you went through loosing your child and then to be violated by having some one steal from you and your family is just horrible. It must have been a wonderful quilt if you still remember it. Dianne
  2. I was there on Thursday but didn't see anyone that I recognized. I got there at 11a with some friends and was in a panic that I wouldn't have enough time to see all the quilts and visit all the vendors that I wanted to see. Unfortunately many of the vendors that I was hoping to visit were not there, or I just missed them somehow, but I don't see how I could. I still can't get used to having show quilts mixed in the same area with the vendors, maybe that's just me, but I didn't think there were that many quilts, again maybe that's just me. I left by 1:45. Dianne
  3. Looks like the page or link isn't working on either the longarm or midarm plan. Missed you, and many others, at MQX this year.
  4. Best in Show is stunning! There was actually a line of women waiting to take pictures. Dianne
  5. I am planning on stopping in on Thursday with some new to quilting friends to show them the show. Dianne
  6. I make quilts for Quilts for Kids, these quilts go to kids in multiple hospitals. They want a thin batt, securely sewn down bindings that won't catch on any equipment and are generally 40x50 inches, give or take an inch or two . You can go on their site for more detailed specific. Dianne
  7. Wow, I would love to know where this story ends up. Those might be the names of granddaughters or of women that made those blocks. How wonderful that it was saved. Dianne
  8. Sandra, I have a light fixture that is supposed to be used as a "set in the ceiling" fixture that measures about 18" x 24", I think. I bought it a home improvement store a few years ago when I was into stained glass quilts. I had to have a plug added onto it as it was wired to be hardwired into the mainlines of the house. It worked great for tracing and was alot cheaper than what was being advertised as light boxes at the time. Dianne
  9. I wish this site was like Facebook because I would be clicking the "Like" button on just about everyone's comment's. Life is short, be good to yourself, maybe it will be a little longer. Dianne
  10. Thank you every one. I googled the patterns that I hadn't heard of and printed instructions of them. I just get bored making the same patterns over and over and was hitting a designing block, as in nothing was coming to me. These will work well. Dianne
  11. Linda, Any chance you have a picture of the quilt you are describing? Dianne
  12. My quilting group and I are in the process of making quilts for a group called "Quilts for Kids." It's a national organization that gives quilts to kids in hospitals and homeless shelters. They measure about the size of a crib sized quilt, sometimes slightly smaller. The organization will send you a kit to finish and return which are simple 4 patches. Kinda boring. My group and I have made Log Cabins, Split Rails, Disappearing Nine Patches, Friendship Stars, some Amish style quilt and a Snowball quilt. I plan on starting a "Woven Ribbon" a pattern that I found on Quilter's Cache. I would reall
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