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  1. I removed my canvas to sew pockets in order to insert the rods needed for the grips. My question is "how do I reattach the canvas to the bar?" it seems to have been both taped and glued on. Has anyone done this and what have you used to reattach? Thank you for your help. This forum is a wealth of information and I know someone out there can help.
  2. I will clean the hook assembly. Thank you for your advice. I have another problem. My up/down is acting strangely, it goes down very slowly. Any ideas?
  3. Hi ladies. I always come to you when I need help. I have a practice piece on my Millie. I am 2/3 of the way done using a panto. Suddenly, my thread started to break. I have changed the tension,changed the needle, checked for knicks and am still having a problem. I have taken out the bobbin and lowered the needle and the needle sticks as if there is bobbin thread to pull up. I don't have any idea about how to proceed. Anyone with any ideas? Thanking you in advance. Rachel
  4. I have been PPP on pantographs. Lately, when I come to the end of a row, the machine will not stop stitching. Anyone with any ideas?
  5. My Millie has been sitting idle for several months. When I turned it on today, the needle up/down would only hum but not move. In addition, if I moved it manually, it is not picking up the bobbin thread. Any and all suggestions welcome.
  6. I haven't used my machine for abaout a month or more. Turned it on today and it would not run. Just hums when I turn it on. Down/up would not work. Have't had this problem before. Any ideas??
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I am going to go try the #8 screw now.
  8. My Up/Down needle will not stop. I have taken off the left plate and there are no threads there. I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks to everyone for their responses. I think the thread cutter may be the culprit. I will make sure not to cut unless I move the machine first.
  10. I use the prewound bobbins so it is not because is wound too tight of too loose. The problem seems to be a combination of all things mentioned. I use pre wound bobbins so I know it is not too tight or too loose. The thread sometimes does not come up at all. sometimes, it is too short to grab. Other times it may be because the thread cutter cut it too short? Or the thread is not sitting correctly in the bobbin. I just don't have one answer and it gets very confusing. The only thing I can say is, is that this happens on a fairly consistent basis. Thank you all for your feed back.
  11. I haven't seen this issue before, wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Every time I start a new row (panto or freehand), I cannot seem to pull up the bobbin thread without taking it out and resetting it. The tension is correct, just not sure why this is happening.
  12. It was not the whole quilt which I am now frogging. Will check for lint as that is a distinct possibility. Linda, I too, have taken many classes at MQX east. I will look for you if you come east next year. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Love this site.
  13. Hi Linda. Thanks so much for your response. I do have a Towa gauge and I had adjusted it for my thread. As I said, things were going beautifully (I was almost done) when I advanced the quilt to do the next row. That is when I discovered the pokies. I will play with the top tension (after I frog the mess). Again thank you for taking the time to respond.
  14. I finally got up the nerve to do a pantograph and it was going beautifully. Then I rolled it to do the next line only to discover that where It had been going great, all of a sudden my to thread was poking through. Now I have to rip out about six or more inches of stitches. Any explanation as to why this happened? How to prevent? What did I do wrong? AAAGH!!
  15. That is definitely a WOW. How awesome for you. Nice job on the quilt, the sons and the grandson as well. Brought a lump to my throat. Congratulations.