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  1. Wow! That gave me goose bumps. Very moving, especially the shattered pieces that went flying, just like the cars and property that can be shattered due to an accident, lives can be shattered forever. I will show that to my great niece that is just starting to drive. Be safe everyone!
  2. After my Millenniumm arrived in '06 and I had used it quite a lot it was necessary to clean the bobbin housing out and oil it, well I put too much oil and it started to splatter...so I had my grease rag in hand and decided to catch the oil droplets...welllll...the frayed threads on the rag (not very close to the machine) got sucked in with the draft created by the spin and it ripped the rag out of my hands...popped the fuse and scared the snot out of me!!! It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to react. I thought I had totally wrecked my machine too, but it ended up being fine aft
  3. Hey Mary Beth! That would be an amazing gift to give her!! I used to have software on the computer and was able to trace back 8 generations of my dad's side of the family, so that was pretty cool. Hope your investigations lead to some great discoveries!
  4. You did a wonderful job on that quilt!! Oh yes, you have inspired me to try to save an old quilt that my grandmother pieced ages ago! Thanks!
  5. Shirley, Once you see that DVD you will be creating beautiful works of art in no time at all! I used her stuff to draft a mariners compass that is 7'x7', and that was only the third item I had made using her rays! Have fun!!
  6. Patty Jo, Our husbands sound a lot alike as far as being our biggest fans, maybe they are visiting in Heaven about their quilting wives! LOL
  7. Dayna, I have the 4.5/6" and the 1.5/3" rope tools from Quilters Rule. Like Mary Beth said they are very easy to use. Once you get a rhythm going you can rock and roll!
  8. Lovely quilt! I'd be curious to know what it brings...
  9. Congratulations Claudia, I am so very happy for you!
  10. Those are really wonderful!!! CL is a great tool, but you are doing amazing freehand work! Keep up the PPP and your are going to be just fine!
  11. I ordered mine from Porters out of Cedar Falls Iowa, it is great and I use it alot. http://www.porters.com
  12. Hi, I am going to the fair on the 7th!! Can't wait, we are going to spend all day there (quilts are first on my list!) and that night we are going to the Michael W Smith, Natalie Grant and Matthew West concert.... so excited. Tell your Dad congrats for all of us, I can't wait to see his quilt! I hope we can photograph them... Donnita ~ I will stop and say hi to your brother!! He will probably be like "how many friends does my sister have?!"