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  1. and to LongArmSupplies. Mark did an APQS maintenance class yesterday at LongArmSupplies; it was fantastic! And a big THANK YOU to Mark for solving the problem with my Liberty, she is running fantastically now
  2. and found the featherweights fantastic. the manufacturer has gone to a different plastic now and they are much easier to use. the tube clamps-i hated them. found them very awkward and found that if the backing on my quilt was too close, the machine was running into the tubes
  3. Chattykathy you just lay the soup cans on the quilt and as you quilt, the machine moves them around. works wonders for full quilts how about a meander pattern on the quilt? Inkblot is my favorite
  4. Hi Lib Another BCer! We have our pantos stored in an Alex shelf from Ikea http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/30104322 it fits nicely right under the longarm table
  5. when you run out of 3 rolls of batting at the same time lol! will have to go buy batting for myself to finish my Christmas projects
  6. it\'s beautiful. love the fabrics and a great panto you used. i\'ve making a double wedding ring for myself and plan on using wool batting, looking forward to working with it
  7. Dave Hudson\'s patterns are great of beginners as well
  8. Cheryl i soooo agree with you about the stretching. i\'ve started to use it in charity quilts to just get rid of it. it does quilt up nicely. i\'ve just started a flannel quilt where i\'ve double it up, so far so good lol
  9. gorgeous quilt, i love that Bubbles pattern Sparkle, the pattern is by Lorien. we have it at our shop longarmsupplies.com
  10. i didn\'t get one. i couldn\'t afford to wait that long; especially when i was originally told middle of August than told the earliest would be in October. i got a Liberty in August instead
  11. and biggest quilt i did was 98 inches-not allot of room on the edges
  12. i took Mark's machine maintenance class last week at Innovations. today i was humming along with my Liberty and the top thread snapped. tension was good so i shrugged it off and kept going. it broke again. and a third time. i changed the bobbin. changed the needle. changed my bobbin thread. nope. nope. nope. than something Mark said popped into my head, check how the machine is threaded. and wouldn't you know it, the thread had got twisted/tangled and there it was snapping. thanx Mark!
  13. i'll be busy packing and rushing my kids off to school before i get picked up to drive down. i can't decide if i'm more excited about the show or not having to clean/cook/ or do laundry for 4 days
  14. in our shop. i just bought a liberty in August in the 3 weeks i've had it, i've quilted 15 quilts. i love how its lighter than the millie and how you can see over the machine. i found the size of the millie a little intimidating lol. i find the smaller quilting area not be a problem at all.
  15. can you add myself and my mom(longarmsupplies) in as well please? thanx!