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  1. Here's a list of what's included: APQS Millennium Longarm Quilting Machine (2006), 26" throat on a 14 foot universal aluminum alloy table which can be cut down to any size to accommodate your space. Free Delivery and Set-up within New England Region! Located in Exeter, RI and available for test drive! Single owner, well cared for machine in a smoke-free home with lots of special features, add-ons and accessories. Used for approximately 60-80 quilts per year, both E2E and custom. Voltage 120V 50/60 Hz, runs on standard household current. Multi-position ergonomically designed handles offer several areas of precise adjustment to “fit” each individual quilter’s body size and shape. Comes complete with: Two-stage automatic needle positioner Single-stitch function On-demand Automatic Stitch Regulator Electronic channel locks for both horizontal and vertical straight-line quilting at the touch of a button Custom-made light bar integrated into frame ($795 value) Custom-made light box (large) for pattern tracing integrated into frame ($50 value) Power Advance ($1350 value) Microdrive Handles ($200 value) Large variety of 1/4" plastic templates ($250 value) Batting Bar ($150 value) 110 Bobbins ($99 value) 3 bobbin cases ($36 Value) 2 bases for ruler work (Hartley - $100 and Reeve - $150) New, heavy-duty canvas leaders ($100 value) Additional black light for greater precision on light colored fabrics Dual mount plug-in laser light Over 100 needles in a variety of sizes ($50 value) Extra backing side clamps for no-pleat backings. Edge Rider wheels - 2 sets ($340 value) Do you have an email I can send pix too, don't see how I can put them within this response. You could go to my FB business page, Ocean Waves Quilting to see some I've posted there
  2. Used in a smoke free home setting on approximately 75-90 quilts (custom and E2E) per year. 14' table with power advance. Loads of extras: 2 bases (Hartley and Reeve), built-in light box, custom light bar, new heavy duty leaders, stand-alone bobbin winder, 2 spool thread holder, microdrive handles, templates, 110 bobbins, needles, Edge rider wheels (plus extra set), extra bobbins case, laser light with front needle attachment and lots of other extras too. $10,000 Will deliver and set-up in New England region Pat Harrison Exeter, RI 401-667-0214 oceanwavesqc@verizon.net
  3. Hi, I'm hosting the wonderfully talented Irena Bluhm in my studio in Rhode Island in October.Quilts designed in her 2 day workshop are eligible to be considered for her upcoming book titled "Let's Make a Winner"! All workshops will have a limit of 6 students. There will be two machine heads on my 14 foot table in my 500 sq. ft studio. Students will have ample table space for design work. See pictures of my studio at my webshots. Hope you can join us! Here are the class listings: Thursday, October 25th, 2007 Irena?s unique background designs and allovers-confident beginner/intermediate Irena has been known for a very unique background fills and has developed quite a few different designs. She is getting a great response from the judges who have judged her quilts. Some of them have not been used on any of her quilts yet. In this class Irena is going to demonstrate how to get in and out of very tight spaces gracefully and keep going by avoiding stitching yourself in a corner. Irena?s fan shaped backgrounds were created as a quite unique background fill with many variations that can be incorporated into the overall design as are many others. Many of them are done in a similar style but have a totally different look. Many of her background fills can be stitched using different levels of density and used as an allover design as well. $225 includes one day workshop, beverages, lunch and snacks Friday, October 26, 2007 Freehand sashings and borders with Irena?s twist-confident beginner /intermediate Students will learn how to hide fullness in borders with various techniques, including formal feathers, and other freehand styles of quilting. Most designs are continuous line. You will learn how to split your feather swags gracefully and beautifully among many other things. Irena will show you few different ways of filling in any size of border or sashing. She will show you her own unique way of dealing with corners and dead end borders. You will love doing them once you see how easy it can be done. $225 includes one day workshop beverages, lunch and snacks Saturday, October 27 & Sunday, October 28, 2007 ?Let?s try to make a winner?-Whole cloth design and making This class is designed to help Irena gather enough materials for her 2nd book. Her working title for the book is going to be the same as the title of the workshop: ?Let?s try to make a winner?-Whole cloth design and making Irena is going to provide all patterns, step by step instructions and assistance in making a small whole cloth quilt during the 2-day workshop. The students will also get enough patterns to make a large quilt later if they wish. Those patterns are going to be in the book. Students who finish their class projects or make other larger projects on their own are going to be encouraged to share photographs of their quilts on a voluntary basis. There is no guarantee for all submitted quilts to be featured in Irena?s book as she has no final say in this, the publisher does. Quilts chosen by the publisher to be featured in the book have to be available for professional photography upon the publisher?s request and need to be shipped there. Students whose quilts will be featured in her book are going to receive a signed copy from Irena as soon as the book is published. To accommodate the individual needs of students depending on their skill level, Irena will be offering 2 ways approach in design and execution. One is copying her patterns exactly and the other is marking the design perimeters and design motifs placement for the design to be executed in a freehand motion. This workshop is her favorite one as she loves to encourage, inspire and stimulate her students own creativity. $450 includes 2 day workshop, beverages, lunches and snacks To reserve your spot a $100 deposit per day in due by September 1, 2007. Please email me any questions you might have or call (401)667-0214 Hope you can join us! Pat Harrison Ocean Waves Quilting Company Longarm Quilting,Longarm Lessons Guild Lectures & Workshops 59 Reuben Brown Lane Exeter, RI 02822 oceanwavesqc@verizon.net (401)667-0214 http://community.webshots.com/user/owqc1
  4. Jackie, I have a Gammill Classic I/S Turbo CL that I bought in 1999 and used steadily. Very little trouble with the machine itself but have found since I got my Millie that the tension problems are gone, my hearing is improving from the much quieter machine, it is equally smooth, much lighter and my DH says I'm finally getting the hang of NOT looking like I'm driving a Mack truck. When I purchased my Gammill I was clueless as to what was what and it was really all that was readily available in New England. I just wish I'd bought the Millie sooner - but alas - college tuitionj payments have just ended. Good luck on your decision. Pat Harrison