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  1. God Bless You. Thank you for trying to get from second group to the group that loves their APQS machines. I have also had alot of issues. Since I only quilt for myself and do not do this as a business, I try to figure out on my own, and leave the time for those of you that need to make a living doing this, but I will tell you this, the person that came to my house to help me get set up when I first got my Millie last June really messed up my machine. After she left, noone and I mean noone will ever touch my machine unless it's Mr. DeLosa. I get where this person is coming from. I am frustrated
  2. LOVE my Circle Lord boards!!!! I have several and will probably get several more. I am a newbie and not an artist, so custom is not in my near future, but I am practicing, practicing, practicing. But the circle lords products make my quilts look like a real professional did them.
  3. I put my small spool on top of another one so it's about the same size as a cone. Has worked like a dream. (Knock on wood)
  4. I ordered the new Gems board. Can't wait to try it. I love my circle lord and the boards. So far the swirls is my favorite.
  5. I didn't know you back then. Got my Millie last July and it hibernates from Nov-May as I am a snow bird, but welcome back!
  6. I will buy them all. Let me know how you would like payment. Thank you. Diane
  7. Thank you. But still don't get it. Will try though. I only quilt for me and pantos are great, but really would like for my quilts to pop and so many people post such remarkable quilts that I am ready to sell my Millie and go back to a midarm. Think I am over my head big time.
  8. Teresa, How do you do that background fill? I love it and I would like to learn it. I am PPP to do free motion, but so far I have realized I better stick to pantos. I am certainly not an artist, but I keep plugging away. Any info to learn this is very much appreciated.
  9. I cant view either. The page says I do not have permission to view the page.
  10. Ann, Enjoy Florida, I too am putting Millie Bliss to bed for the winter. Leaving for Vegas on the 24th, won't be back to Pa until the beginning of May. Let me know if you learnt anything not posted so I can follow the same instructions. Thank You, Diane
  11. It's beautiful, Ann. Love it. I am still doing pantos. Diane